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    The general category encompasses a long list of companies from the major cities like Toronto, Quebec, Ottawa and other parts of Canada. Some companies offer different products and a wide range of services to people. These service companies are so versatile and they serve clients for different purposes. We have grouped these companies into the following subcategories; Good Causes & Charities, Gift shops, E-smoking & Vaping, Photos & Printing, Education, Bookmakers & Discounts Stores.

    A review of these companies will put you in a better position of deciding which of them offers the best services. For instance, reading a review about a company that provides educational services will help you know where to go when you need to upskill in your learning. We want to keep you updated on all the companies and the services they offer. Feel free to click any of the categories mentioned to get more information and know what they are all about. Our reviews will give you better insight into each of the companies you see under each category. Read real-life experiences, complaints and comments and don’t forget to drop your reviews for others to benefit.

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    When you visit a company's website, you will see texts about the excellent nature of the products and services that they offer. But how do you know for sure if these companies are what they say they are? Reading customers' reviews in the general category will help you know how reliable these companies are. You will see what people are saying about their customers' service. After reading other people's feedback and complaints, you would get a clear and realistic view of their actual method of service delivery.
    Subcategories in the General category review section
    Listed below are subcategories and what you will find on each page.  Let others know what you think about companies in each subcategory.

    Good Causes & Charities- You can read reviews of other benevolent people, see what good causes they are contributing to, and find out which charity groups are genuine.
    Gift shops- This category was created for you can find providers of original gift items and those that you can order gift items from without issues. Customer reviews on this page will help you know the companies that deliver gifts on time. You will also get to read about the way these companies deliver the gifts customers placed an order for.
    E-smoking & Vaping- In this category, you will find reviews on providers of e-cigarettes. You will also be able to read real-life experiences of people that have used products by these companies.
    Photos & Printing- Companies in this category offer customized photo printing services. Reviews on this page will help choose the companies that have the best offers.
    Education- This category has companies that offer educational services and sell study materials. A review of these companies will help you make a well-informed decision on where to get your degrees or e-certificates.
    Bookmakers & Discounts Stores- On this page, you will read reviews of websites for discounts and special offers. These are websites that offer products for a reduced price or offer promotional deals. You also get to see the opinions of people on how to make money from bookmakers. Other users will share their experience with betting