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AllReviews - Privacy & Disclaimer


At AllReviews, we take privacy seriously, especially with the advent of GDPR and ePrivacy regulations. Our objective is to offer an independent, reliable, and trustworthy platform where customers can safely share reviews about their experiences with various services or brands. Personal details will never be shared with third parties without the explicit consent of the review author. We aim to assist potential customers by presenting a view of companies that is as impartial and objective as possible, based on reviews from previous customers. Prioritizing safety, reliability, and independence is paramount at AllReviews.


Reviews and responses on AllReviews reflect the opinions and/or experiences of their respective authors, not those of AllReviews. The platform is not accountable for any incorrect or unclear content in reviews or responses. When necessary, we remove personal names and inappropriate language from reviews and responses, marking such edits to maintain the integrity and safety that we uphold.

Have you dealt with a company? If so, especially if your experience was negative, we encourage you to share your experience as accurately as possible. Emphasize the facts and specific aspects of your encounter, as this information will be invaluable to others who have never interacted with the company. When needed, we will reach out to the review author for further clarification and evidence, such as email correspondence or invoices.

We make every effort to prevent the posting of unfounded reviews on this website. Contributors are asked to provide as much detail as possible. The more detailed the review, the greater its credibility and the better its chances of remaining online in the event of a complaint from the company. If you submit a negative review, you may receive a follow-up email. Reviews originating from the same IP address in large quantities will be removed. Multiple reviews (about one or more companies) without a solid basis will be deleted. Advertisements, calls-to-action, or threats will also be removed, and contact information, as well as domain names (URLs), will be censored.