How Reviews are Featured on AllReviews

On AllReviews, evaluations are shared by users from around the globe who have recently experienced purchasing or service encounters. Anyone with an account can submit a review, provided they follow our User Guidelines and have no conflicts of interest concerning the business being reviewed.

Companies also have the option to use our invitation methods to request their customers to leave a review, in line with our guidelines.

All feedback about a company is displayed on its profile page, where consumers can both read existing reviews and share their own experiences. Reviews come to AllReviews from both consumers and businesses.

Our Commitment to Transparency

AllReviews was founded as a platform to promote collaboration between businesses and consumers. Our dedication to transparency ensures that all opinions are published without censorship, distinguishing us from restricted or subscription-based platforms where businesses control the narrative.

Core Principles of Our Platform:

  • User-Owned Content: Reviews are deemed user-generated content and belong to their respective authors, who can edit or delete their submissions via their user accounts.

  • Fraud Detection Measures: Every review is examined by our fraud detection software, which flags and removes fraudulent entries based on multiple factors such as IP addresses, user IDs, and timestamps.

  • Accountability: We are actively developing a reporting function that will enable consumers and companies to report fake reviews.

Our pledge to transparency and integrity ensures that AllReviews remains a reliable source for authentic consumer opinions.