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    To build the intelligence of our kids, there are some things we need to do as parents. Books are some of the things that can make our kids smatter and improve their intelligence. It can help them to learn things faster and it'll also help to introduce them to resources within their social environment. As parents, we need to take on the responsibility of providing the best for our kids, even when they've not been enrolled in a proper school, we can make it our responsibility to train them by buying them books that can interest and be of help to them, and also guide them and explain things they need to understand. Even for older people, knowledge is gained by seeking more through the reading of books, making research and more. Books increase the level of our understanding, it helps to enlighten us about so many things, thereby making us fearless and confident. As it is said that knowledge is power, books can make us powerful more than our greatest imagination, someone who is ignorant about how things are done will find it difficult to be a leader or make things happen. That's why we should endeavour to get more knowledge and ensure that we start making our kids knowledgeable right from their birth. Lillypost is a company that offers children's books of different types.

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    Lillypost is a company that specializes in the sales of children's book and they make books available for kids from newborn to 7 years old. The company was said to have been founded on the idea that reading is fundamental to the development of every child and that reading changes children's lives, and for every box the company ships, they donate a book to a child in need. To date, Lillypost avers to have donated over 17000 books to kids across North America, and have also partnered with reputable literacy charities to help donate thousands of books every year and give back to children in need.

    【Sub Español】La Dama del General 01| General's Lady | 将军家的小娘子

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    Lillypost offers board books which are classified under the age range of 0-3, and picture books which are mainly for the ages 4-7, and the last of the stages is the mixed book box, which comprises of 2 picture books and 1 board book which is for all ages (newborn to 7 years). The company purports to read and review children's books and add their favourites to the Lillypost selection so that there are a wide variety of titles to choose from.

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