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    How do you spend your holidays? Are you someone that would be okay at home, relaxing on the couch while trying to catch up with your favourite television shows? Or, are you an individual with an adventurous spirit, someone that appreciates the great outdoors, and feels at home exploring it? The outdoors calls to people that engage in activities like hiking, camping outdoors, and even mountain biking. However, these activities can only be efficiently accomplished when one prepares the necessary tools and equipment for them. Going out without these tools is a recipe for disaster, and leaves the life of the adventurous individual at risk. One of the most important equipments for outdoor activities is appropriate clothing. Unlike regular clothing, clothing that should be worn on adventures should be of very high quality, be able to withstand reasonable impact without getting torn, and should generally be able to withstand the rigours associated with outdoor activities. As such, when one wishes to engage in activities like hiking, cycling, and even outdoor camping, the individual must wear the necessary clothing for it. KUHL is a clothing shop that claims to have the capability to provide such clothing for individuals that may need it.

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    Unlike what the German or Scandinavian sounding name might project, KUHL is an American company that was formed in 1983, under the name Alfwear, before the company adopted the name ‘KUHL’ in 1994. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah; KUHL is a privately owned company with a self-acclaimed passion for mountain culture. This online store declares that they are specialized in the production of performance clothing for outdoor use. And their performance clothing ranges from lightweight hiking apparel to rugged workout wear, which is suitable for use in the high seas, or even snowy mountain summits.

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    Although they declared that they are committed to the production of high-performance clothing, KUHL assures their customers that the raw materials and production processes for their clothing are all carried out sustainably. Determined to provide support to artisans that are good at what they do, KUHL avows that they source some of their clothing materials from other countries. This includes the fleece that they acquire from Italy and the wool that is sourced from New Zealand. KUHL men’s wear includes outdoor clothing like long sleeve shirts, pants, and underwear, which they avow are suitable for use in the rain, and optimal performance while travelling. Their women’s wear on the other hand includes dresses, skirts, flannel shirts, vests, and underwear which they promise is also geared towards surviving the elements, and the rigours of the outdoors. KUHL offers free shipping on all United States-bound orders that are over $99.

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