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    When people are interested in family history, they go for genetic ancestry testing. Doing this enables them to learn from historical documentation. A person can know where his ancestors might have come from and know about family relationships when these DNA variations are examined. People of particular backgrounds often share certain patterns of genetic variations. The more patterns of variations two individuals share, the more closely related they are. The types of genetic ancestry testing include Y chromosome testing which is used to know the ancestry in the direct male line, Mitochondrial DNA testing which provides information about the female ancestral line and Single Nucleotide Polymorphism testing which is used to provide an estimate of a person's ethnic background, for example, the test might show that a person's ancestry is approximately 40 per cent African 20 per cent European, 25 per cent Asian, and 10 per cent unknown. A plethora of companies and organizations offer genetic ancestral testing and a lot of these companies provide online forums to allow people who have been tested before to share and hash out the results with others. This may allow them to discover previously unknown relationships. Scientists also use these results to know the history of the populations as they arose, migrate, and combine with other groups. Before going for these tests, it's important to visit review sites to know how accurate the result of that participate organization or company is. An example of a company that claims to do genetic testing is 23andMe.

    About 23andMe
    23andMe is a consumer genetics and research company. It was established in 2006. The company opines that its mission is to lend a helping hand to individuals who desire to access, understand and benefit from the human genome. 23andMe claims to have multiple FDA clearances for genetic health reports which allow the company to have direct access to genetic information. The company also asserts that its crowdsourced platform is the largest in the world and was created for genetic research, with 80 per cent of its customers electing to participate. The company alleged that it has created over 180 publications about genetics underpinnings of an extensive range of diseases and also powers 23andMe therapeutic groups. We suggest you read honest customer reviews of 23andMe here to learn more about the company.

    Products and services of 23andMe
    23andMe offers the Ancestry + Trait service which allows one to discover more about his ore here DNA story. 23andMe claims that the service allows individuals to discover where their DNA is from out of 2000+ regions worldwide - and more, learn how their DNA influences their facial features, taste, smell, and other traits, connect with people who share DNA with them, trace parts of their ancestry to a specific group of individuals from 1,000+ years ago, discover how much Neanderthal DNA you inherited. The company emphasizes that the raw data is for information purposes only and should not be used for medical purposes. 23andMe affirm that customers can have access to the Ancestral + Trait service by ordering the saliva collection spit for collecting the customer's spit. The customer now mails back the saliva collection kit that contains his or her spit back to the company for the lab report. 23andMe declares that customers need to open an online account to log in and discover what their DNA says about them. After the test results are ready, the company sends an e-mail to let the customer know that the reports are ready and can be accessed on their online account

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