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    Many scientific studies have shown that travelling or taking regular vacations is good for your health. For some, relaxation is the number one priority when it comes to travelling. For others, the main focus is on the advantage of travelling as part of their training. At school, our language students benefit from the English skills they have acquired during their language adventure. But business fluent English is also essential for a career these days. Anyone who travels without a language course learns for life: you have to organize and orientate yourself, you get to know a new and mostly foreign culture, you hear foreign languages ​​around you, and you see unusual things. All of these influences shape you and can have a powerful effect on your everyday life. Travelling has changed the way we see the world a lot. This is hardly surprising, as travelling can expand your knowledge. Travelling means getting in touch with other cultures. Traveling also means becoming aware that all people share the same basic values ​​and goals in life. We are all part of a larger whole and we are all connected. What better way to learn tolerance? Back in your home country, you might have changed, you will be more tolerant towards others, especially towards people of different origins. Because often people are just afraid of what they don't know. You will also be more relaxed about the risks in life and your little every day worries. In particular, you will gain more self-confidence if you go to the other end of the world on your own. Finding your way in a different culture and environment will boost your self-confidence. If you're shy, travelling is good exercise! Genie Traveler could be among the list of your options if you're looking out to pay less for your travels. But do they have a good track record? Let’s find out!

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    Genie Traveler is a company that offers its customers various travel plans and hotel reservations. The company claim to possess a 'dirty little secret' which gives them the advantage to make their customers travel to their dream destination. The company's goal is to deliver to its customers the possibility of seeing the beauty of our planet first hand on airfares and hotel reservations.

    People are taking 'ghost' vacations to avoid being shamed for travelling during COVID-19

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    Genie Traveler offers there with travel services that include hotel and flight reservations. For future customers, Genie Traveler offers 7 days free trial to get used to their services. They also offer their services in various categories of packages which include a monthly and yearly plan. Lastly, the company offers 800 thousand hotels and 15 thousand for their customers to choose to book and travel to.

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