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    Fashion differs based on individual perspectives, activities and career. Every career and profession has a unique fashion. A doctor cannot wear a gown and wig neither can a lawyer wear a laboratory gown and stethoscope. Outdoor activities and adventures have a unique fashion. The clothing for adventure and outdoor activities must not just be ordinary clothes or dresses, they must be tough, comfortable, protecting and flexible. Professions like engineering, exploring, mining, mining must especially use overall clothes for protection against industrial hazards and environmental plus climate affects. What about the timber industry? Angling? These are industries that need tough protective dresses for protection against hazards associated with their industry. Are you embarking on an adventure? Are you an Engineer, miner, hunter, angler or mariner? Are you in search of a company where you can buy tough protective dresses and outfits related to your industry or for adventure? If yes, then you might want to check out Filson as they lay claim of having years of experience in the type of fashion you are looking for.

    About Filson
    Filson is a company named after the founder C.C Filson born in 1850. They claim that their founder was motivated into fashion by the great Klondike Goldrush of 1897 where thousands of fortune hunters were stampeding into Seattle, heading North, so Filson thought of making them outfits of what is best to wear in that country. They allege that Filson as a company kept evolving with time while listening to what customers wanted, started drifting and producing what the customers wanted and as a result by 1960, their reputation as the producers of outfits for outdoor men had spread around the globe. The company maintains that its philosophy ensures that they produce outfits to meet their customers and prospects taste. They avow that for over 120 years, they have always made sure that the comfort and protection of their customers never go out of style. Filson also argued that all their products have a lifetime guarantee and that all returns within 90 days of purchase could be refunded so far as it is unused and in a saleable condition. Filson argued further that their products are guaranteed of failure of materials, failure of workmanship and craftsmanship and manufacturer defects. They allege that such defects can claim the repair policy of the company. We still call on individuals that have had dealings with the company to validate these claims by leaving and independent customer reviews for Filson here.

    Products and services of Filson
    Filson produces and offers dresses and outfits that are for adventure and outdoor tough activities as they claim, outfits like men's outerwears, men's vest, men's shirt, bags, hats and accessories, helmets etc. The company also claims to offer delivery services, and send messages in the form of a newsletter to keep their clients and prospects abreast of their wide range of products and general methods of service delivery.

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    Have you patronized Filson before? Have you used any of their outerwears? How strong and durable is it? Do they have a lifetime guarantee as claimed on their website? What about their return and repair policy? Kindly drop experiences, tips and suggestions which you think would help Filson serve customers better. We await your feedback.

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