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    Currency trading is one of the very risky businesses ever, as you don't know the financial Institutional that is real or fake only parading themselves to dupe people of their hard-earned money more especially in this period that digital currency and coins are taking over the traditional money system. It has been established that beyond every reasonable doubt, Cryptocurrency is gradually taking over the world's money market and system with Bitcoin in the lead. A lot of people are now saving their money in bitcoin because of the tendencies that it will continue to rise. Now the issue is not storing your wealth in cryptocurrency, the issue now is if I need to sell some of my digital coins, which is the most reliable platform to sell and exchange from? Who will pay me with the traditional money system quickly and of course which has little or no process cost? Many alternative platforms have claimed to be the best in buying and exchanging digital and traditional currencies. CLUB SWAN, however, claims to be one such. Since we have not had a direct experience with them before, we can’t tell if they can get you covered or not.

    About CLUB SWAN
    CLUB SWAN alleges to be a membership platform whose financial services are provided by Nvayo which is not a bank. They claim to be an alternative banking platform for crypto and traditional currencies combined with concierge services saving customers on travel, shopping, and experiences. “Buy, sell, and spend crypto at one simple low rate” – asserted a statement on the company’s official website. CLUB SWAN maintains that they also deal in traditional currencies whereby members can spend 150+ traditional currencies with a CLUB SWAN card. They contend that their bank transfer exchange rates are typically 4-8% better than high street banks. CLUB SWAN also declares that their concierge services allow one to make hotel and flight bookings cheaper. You should read independent customer reviews of CLUB SWAN here to verify these claims.

    Products and Services of CLUB SWAN
    CLUB SWAN claims to offer digital currencies and traditional currency trading services to their members through Nvayo which is not a bank. They allege that with them their members can buy and sell their crypto at the best rates and spend them or transfer them to another wallet. CLUB SWAN insists that they enable members to seamlessly spend their crypto with the CLUB SWAN card anywhere in the world. “Everything from one account, on one platform” – claims a statement from the company’s website. They contended that with them members buy, sell or store 9 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Tether (USDT), BAT, Paxos (PAX), USD Coin (USDC) etc. They also offer digital currencies daily rate flow service on their website whereby visitors can know the exact rate particular crypto is selling at the point in time.

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    We wish to use this medium to call on the registered members of CLUB SWAN to kindly write about their experiences buying and selling their cryptos and traditional currencies through Nvayo for CLUB SWAN. How effective and swift is their payment for Crypto? Do they have hidden charges when one buys from them or sells to them? Do you have any complaints or tips you feel might help CLUB SWAN serve their members better? We await your feedback.

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