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    If you want to book a flight, you have many airline companies that you can choose from. But which companies is the best option? Qatar Airways is one of these companies and a pretty new one at that. To know what you are in for with this relatively young airline company with flights all over the world, you could read customer reviews of customers that have already traveller with Qatar Airlines before you. Read their experiences, opinions, complaints and compliments to get a clear view of this company and decide afterwards if you are willing to take a chance on taking one of the flights they provide.

    About Qatar Airways

    Qatar Airways is an airline company with many flights all over the world. They are one of the youngest global airline companies in the world and proud to be so. The company was founded in 1993 and only stated in full operations in 1994. Their official launch had to wait until 1997. Its headquarters are situated in the Qatar Airways Tower in Doha. Qatar Airways offers flights to New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, France, Macedonia, America, Canada, Cameroon, Indonesia, Brazil, Chile, Bosnia, Thailand, Finland, Namibia, Athens, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Munich, Los Angeles, Sidney, Armenia, Rio de Janeiro, Nice, and many more. On their website, you can easily book hotel, rent a car of even arrange an entire holiday. They also have options for corporate travel and for meetings and events.

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    Services of Qatar Airways

    You can easily book a flight, hotel or holiday on their website. Just create an account and fill in your desires destination, departure, arrival and other travelling details. It is possible to check-in in advance, which might save you a lot of time at the airport. This can be really useful, since the day of departure is often long and stressful enough as it is. If something is wrong with your booking or you have another question or problem, you can contact them. They have offices in many countries all over the world. Their Canada offices are in Birmingham Airport, Manchester Airport, London Heathrow and London Harrods. On the website you can also see your flight status so If you would like to be posted on their latest news, you can sign up for their free online newsletter.

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    IHave you ever flown with Qatar Airways before? If you did, maybe you would be willing to share your experience. We would like to know whether you encountered any problems during your flight. And if you did, how did Qatar Airways handle your complaint? Maybe you had a very comfortable flight and you would like to compliment them on that. Leave a customer review with your opinion, rating, complaint or compliment. Others can benefit from your experience when they try to get a clear view of this airline company. Help them and leave your review.

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