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    Insurance helps in the protection against financial loss. There are various insurance systems, which include; co-insurance, Dual insurance, self-insurance and reinsurance. As far as co-insurance is concerned, the risk is collective among insurers. Dual insurance, on the other hand, involves having two or more policies that cover a risk in an overlapping manner. Self-insurance involves a situation where insurance companies do not get the risk transferred to them. Instead, the entities solely retain the risk. Finally, reinsurance is where an insurer passes part of the risk or, at times, the entire risk to another insurer, which is referred to as reinsurer.

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    Launched in 1964, the Insurance Bureau of Canada is Canada’s representative of the business, auto, and private insurers. The member companies of the Insurance Bureau of Canada, embody 90% of the country’s casualty property insurance market. Insurance Bureau of Canada works on various fronts to make sure that it increases the understanding of the public of auto, business, and home insurance.

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    Insurance Bureau of Canada represents Canada’s private business, auto, and home insurers. Home insurance typically covers one from having to pay vast amounts in case of damages or losses of your home. The other two types of insurance business and auto are meant to protect one in case of business or car losses, respectively.

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    Insurance Bureau of Canada values its clients and endeavors to ensure that governments and clients alike value, support, and trust casualty and private property industry and the services and products they offer. The company also endeavors to advocate leaders, regulators, governments, personal and commercial consumes for casualty and property insurance that are affordable and available to all Canadians. If you have used their products, leave a review on

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