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    Are you a person that goes on road trips a lot? If yes, you would know that there are many roadside breakdowns and disablements attached to it. These disablements could be in the form of a tire blowout, need for towing, running out of fuel, locking of keys in the car etc. which could leave the operator stranded. With this in mind, different roadside assistance services have been introduced, focusing on curtailing these disablements. One of those roadside assistance services designed to protect people from roadside breakdowns is Good Sam Roadside Assistance.

    About Good Sam Roadside Assistance
    Established in 1984, Good Sam Roadside Assistance is a service provider that offers its clients and prospects plans to keep their RVs and vehicles protected in the case of roadside disablements during road trips. Created with RVers in mind, Good Sam Roadside Assistance maintains to focus on getting the right tow truck for the size of the clients' rig. “Over 2 million roadside breakdowns have been handled since our establishments” claimed the company. They provide sign-and-drive coverage throughout North America, including Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Good Sam Roadside Assistance avows to handle different types of vehicles. They aver to work with efficient and professional RV towing and repair companies. Good Sam Roadside Assistance is a subsidiary of Good Sam Enterprises, LLC. Companies such as FreedomRoads Holding company, LLC, CWI Inc, Affinity Road, and Travel Club, LLC, e.t.c. are just some of the affiliates of Good Sam Roadside Assistance. Reading honest customer reviews of Good Sam Roadside Assistance here is one such way to learn more about the company.

    Products and Services of Good Sam Roadside Assistance
    Good Sam Roadside Assistance claims to be one of the biggest roadside helping companies in North America. They do so by providing two plans to choose from on their website. These plans are; RV and Auto Plan. The RV plan ranges from; standard, platinum, platinum+, and platinum complete. At the same time, their Auto plan ranges from; platinum auto, platinum+ auto, and full platinum auto. Good Sam Roadside Assistance offers distance towing to the nearest service centre with a standard membership plan. They also assert to provide family coverage without any additional fees. Flat tire change and roadside tire delivery are also offered under a standard membership plan. Emergency medical assistance is provided to all complete Platinum members. Good Sam Roadside Assistance claims to have certified RV technicians on staff and the nation's largest RV-specific dispatch network. They also aver to provide benefits for members residing in Alaska, Alabama, Utah, and Virginia.

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    Have you ever patronized Good Sam Roadside Assistance? How were the services offered? How good and useful are the plans offered? How fast are their services? Would you recommend Good Sam Roadside Assistance plans? Maybe you can suggest to us how the company can improve its general service delivery for best clients experience. Kindly share your experience using Good Sam Roadside Assistance; we would love to get your feedback.

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