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    Examinations are seen or rather meant to be a test of knowledge and capabilities in other to earn a certification or qualification, but sometimes preparing for these examinations can be stressful also lead to anxiety and tension. A common problem that is peculiar with people sitting for examinations is “exam fever” which is usually due to fear caused by lack of preparation. Sometimes, lack of preparation can be a result of not having the right or proper means to prepare for exams. Over the years, some individuals have taken it upon themselves to provide beneficial means to help people preparing to write exams. Exam Edge is one of the platforms that help people prepare for exams by creating online tests which are aimed at giving them an insight into how their exams would look like.

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    Exam Edge is a platform that provides online mock examinations to help people prepare for their exams. The site was created in the year 2006. According to the founders of the platform, they discovered that there weren’t enough resources to help students pass their certification exams. The need to provide a platform to help students pass their examinations and achieve their dreams lead to the creation of the company. They went further with their research on how to make their idea come to reality and through that, they discovered that having the right questions to practice with was the key to their success. They formed a partnership with the institutional partners to help provide a wider range of practice tests on different kinds of certification exams. The firm maintains it has received accreditation for the Better Business Bureau. But how true are these claims? Do they really have a good track record? Reading independent customer reviews of Exam Edge here is one such way to get suggestive answers to your questions.

    Press Release No 106/2021,General Nadeem Raza CJCSC called on President of Egypt -15 June 2021(ISPR)

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    Exam Edge provides an online test for different certification examinations in different sections of education such as accounting, business, nursing, service industry, teaching, radiology, pharmacy, veterinary, nutrition, fitness, high school, international, college placement, dental, financial, optometry, medicine, medical laboratory, healthcare and government. Exam Edge says that its website is easily accessible on any browsing device 24hours of the day. The company claims they have a piece of well-detailed information on how to go about the practise test on the site and that at the end of every practice test, there’s always an educative explanation to people understand better. Exam Edge offers a cancellation policy which is only guaranteed when the online purchase access has not been granted whilst for refund, the company does not offer any refund for all online purchased access.

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