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    Many people believe that vegetarians and healthy food eaters have a limited menu of food choices to choose from. Apart from being limited in the type of food that they can eat, they feel that their greatest limitation is in their drink selection. Since most healthy eaters, and vegetarians would always avoid fizzy drinks, caffeinated drinks, animal products, and a host of other drinks; they believe that their drink choices are not that far away from being only water. While that may seem true to a certain extent, their drink choices abruptly expand when you add a blender or a juicer to the equation. With a blender or a juicer in hand, healthy eaters are open to trying anything. They could just blend their favourite fruits to a liquid, their favourite vegetables, or they could just blend a mix of fruits that they like. As such, we can all agree that a good juicer is an indispensable appliance to a healthy eater or a vegan. So, if you are a healthy eater that is on the lookout for a quality blender to help you on your healthy eating journey, then Vitamix might be able to help you with that.

    About Vitamix
    Vitamix was founded in 1949 by William G. Papa Bernard, this company started by selling household products while demonstrating their usage. The passion the Founder, William had for whole-food nutrition came to be after he discovered a natural solution to the chronic illness of a family member. And from that point onwards he and his family members dropped caffeine and sugar and adopted the vegetarian lifestyle. In the late 1930s, the Williams family came to realise the importance of a powerful blender, and how its existence could make foods taste great. This in turn inspired them to create their own blender, the Vita-mix. And with the creation of the Vita-mix, Vitamix became committed to whole-food nutrition through the invention of next-generation blenders. We suggest you read honest customer reviews of Vitamix here to learn more about the company.

    Products, and Services of Vitamix
    As a company that claims to have a standing commitment to providing the world with some of the blending solutions ever innovated, Vitamix declares that each of its products is designed with quality components to ensure that they reach the pre-determined standards of quality. Vitamix attests that their blenders are easy to clean, built with a container that allows for smoother blends, possesses aircraft-grade stainless steel blades, and a cool-running motor powering up the whole device. Their blenders include the classic blenders, the space-saving blenders, and the smart system blenders; each coming with a 10-year warranty. In addition to claiming of supporting a healthy eating lifestyle, Vitamix also advocates for reduced wastage. And they do this by offering their compact food recycling system, which is designed to turn waste foods into fertiliser. Vitamix delivers its products to both the US and Canada, and they also offer a 30-day return period on their products.

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    What are your candid views regarding the products produced by Vitamix? As a company that thrives on consumer feedback, Vitamix also welcomes any suggestions that can help them improve their products, and their customer’s shopping experience. Please, do not hesitate to drop them here.

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