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    Haircare is an important part of human society. Nobody walks into society with hair like a bird’s nest and expects to be taken seriously. The health of an individual can be seen in the condition and look of his/her hair, but the state of mind of such a person can be seen in the state of a person’s hair. Not many people who are distraught, worried or depressed would take the time to care for their hair – as such conditions already diminish the sense of self and the energy to care for anything, lest of all, what they look like. Located in an auspicious part of the body, the hair is one of the first things that is noticed by others, which is why it can be/ and is used as fashion statements across the world. Styling hair is an art that requires attention to details and a proclivity to artistic display, which is why for centuries, humans have willingly paid for the services of stylists to get the certain look they desire. CHATTERS claim to offer products and services that are centred around the delivery of haircare services at individual or commercial levels to the public.

    About CHATTERS

    CHATTERS started when a small salon startup established by Jason Volk in Red Deer, Alberta, and a Regina-based retail salon founded by Ken Fisher got into a partnership in 1991 with a vision to deliver different hair care products, equipment and accessories to the public. By 1998, the partners opened CHATTERS salon in smaller cities across Canada, and presently has over 115 salons across the country. CHATTERS also adduce to be certified as a Green Circle salon which recycles about 80% of the waste acquired from its services. For independent customer reviews of CHATTERS, read the comments left for them here by both their past and existing customers.

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    CHATTERS retail hair care products such as blow dryers, brushes and combs, clippers and trimmers, curling irons, flat irons, thermal brushes, shampoos and dry shampoos, leave-in conditioners, keratin treatments, thermal spray, purple shampoo, hair oils and serums, temporary hair colour, dandruff and scalp treatment, styling products, hair masks, and hair spray, among other things. CHATTERS also have a men’s department that offers products for beard care, body care and hair care, as well as lashes, skin care products, nail polish, hair removal products, and tanning products. Customers can also access hairstyling services for men, women and children, colour services, perms, hair treatments, hair extensions, ear piercings, waxing, lashes and eyebrow tinting, as well as retail of salon safety products. Returns of products and hair tools can be returned within 30 days of receipt of the purchase.

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