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    Video games have come a long way from just being pixelated figures on a black and white screen to being very life-like presences that are played on our mobile phones, hand-held gaming consoles, and our televisions. These days various platforms offer reputable gaming options. We have the mobile gaming platform that has evolved from the JAVA games to the Symbian games on the Symbian platform, to the smartphone games that are visible on the Windows, Android, and iPhone platforms. The handheld gaming platform has also evolved from the Game boys, advanced Game boys, and PSPs of yesteryears, to Sony’s PS Vita, and Nintendo’s Switch. But, the biggest changes might perhaps be seen from the console gaming and the PC gaming platforms. The console games were the face of video games some years ago, but these days they are beginning to share that honour with PC games. Unlike console gaming, PC gaming was initially for niche gamers who were looking to keep themselves busy on their PC. But, it has come a long way, received sufficient attention, and evolved to its current form, which matches the capability of console games. PC games can either be played from through a disc, through a digital copy of the game, and through a streaming service that bypasses some of the hardware limitations of the computer’s hardware, one of which is Steam. If you want to purchase authentic game keys for Steam games, then All You Play might be able to help. We are aware that many of us are averse to spending our money on the web, but the honest experiences from the customers of All You Play might be able to make you think otherwise.

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    Born, and based in the Netherlands, All You Play is a digital distribution platform that claims to work directly with official distributors to offer PC gamers the opportunity to acquire game keys for their favourite games on Steam. All You Play professes that their game keys are distributed through an API, as proof that they came directly from the publishers.

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    Action games
    , adventure games, strategy games, and RPGs are some of the gaming genres that are offered on All You Play. Their website features new games, some old ones, and a variety of timed exclusives. All You Play assures their customers that their payment process involves no hidden charges, and the purchased game keys are delivered the instant the payment is confirmed. All You Play declares that most of their game keys can be activated directly on Steam, while others like games like Bethesda, Ubisoft, Rockstar Games, and EA Games, have to be activated on the publisher’s platform.

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