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    Charity refers to a non-profitable organization that solicits help and provide money or material things for those who are in need. The main purpose of charity is to improve the well-being of people or a community. The charity can be in form of the education charity, health charity, environment charity, and animal charity. Charity depends mostly on donations from people and getting donations can be sometimes difficult. A company that helps to raise funds for charities and individuals is Omaze. Omaze is an online fundraising company that offers various events through which people make donations to participate and win different prizes while the donations are giving towards a particular cause. Are you interested in participating in Omaze's events? Do you want to raise funds for a project? If you gave an affirmative nod to any of the aforesaid questions, please do read on.

    About Omaze

    In contrast to other non-profit charity organizations, Omaze is a for-profit fundraising company that partners with charities in fundraising events. Omaze organizes various events on their websites through which participants make donations for the events they are participating in. These events feature prizes, such as material goods, property, or celebrity experiences. There is a grand prize and other lesser prizes to be won. Donations made for a particular experience go to the Charities Aid Foundation America (CAFA) which make a grant available to the designated cause for that experience. Omaze declares that through their platform, over $130 million have been raised and 350 charities have been supported through donations from people in more than 180 countries. We suggest you read honest customer reviews of Omaze here to ascertain these claims.

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    Omaze is a privately-owned and American fundraising organization. The company raises fund for charity by offering various events and experiences. Omaze teams up with both celebrities and organizations to offer different prizes for the events. Prizes are won by people who made donations or used the free entry method. Their prizes include meeting experience with a celebrity, winning a car, home, cash, trip and more. Each $10 donation made through the Omaze entry form gives the participant one entry. A certain percentage of the donations goes to charity; some are used for adverts while the rest go to Omaze. The company offers cash alternative prizes should the winner prefers cash to collect a car, home or to go on a trip.

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    Omaze is a for-profit company that asserts that they help to raise funds towards a particular cause through their various events. Have you participated in any of their events in the past? If yes, how was it like? Were they transparent with their proceedings? Are they trustworthy? How would you rate Omaze on a scale of one to ten? Kindly share your feedback and experience here for prospective clients to know more about the company. Again, would you recommend Omaze to interested people around you? We would like to know your opinion about them. Do you have tips that would be of benefit to Omaze? You can drop them here as well, as they will help to improve Omaze.

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