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    The African sub-region and most parts of the Asian continent are faced with a drain in academic and professional brains. As these individuals leave for the greener pastures available in the western hemisphere, there is a need to educate the population they have back home. The lack of proper academic institutions, lack of funds to attend the few available and lack of capable and trained teachers have left most of the population uneducated. Edx is a company that provides online education. We suggest you read independent customer reviews of Edx here to see what was left for them by their previous customers.

    About Edx
    Edx was born due to the versatility of the internet to enable innovation at scale across a vast array of industries, higher education was reaching only a tiny fraction of the world’s curious minds. One afternoon in an MIT lab Professor Anant Agarwal and his colleagues from MIT and Harvard sketched out a long-shot experiment, a platform that would offer their courses online, open to any person up to the challenge, for free.

    In February of 2012, Professor Agarwal’s MIT Circuits and Electronics course were launched, and Edx was born. The founders believe every individual has the potential to create change, whether in their life, their community, or the world and the transformative power of education is what unlocks that potential. Yet, access to high-quality education has been a privilege of the few. The organization asserts back in 2012, they realized it was a time for a seismic shift in learning. From the tried and true to the leading edge – From for some to for all.

    Edx boasts by opening the classroom through online learning, they empower millions of learners to unlock their potential and become change-makers. The firm emphasises there are three commitments they've made to the world, increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere, enhance teaching and learning on campus and online and advance teaching and learning through research. Edx affirms they are building, partnering, and promoting a software platform that brings together universities from all around the world to create courses for everyone, everywhere in the world.

    Products and Services of Edx
    Edx runs programs such as finance, computer science fundamentals, integrated digital media, statistics and data science, marketing essentials, sports business management, solar energy engineering, cybersecurity fundamentals, supply chain management, digital marketing, programming and data structure, business management, English for business networking, world religions through their scriptures, python programming, cloud application development foundation and many more with tons of courses.

    Edx offers a master degree in analytics, computer science, cybersecurity, leadership: service innovation, IT management, accounting, supply chain management, business administration, electrical and computer engineering, nutritional science, mechanical engineering and others.

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    What has your experience been during your chosen program or course? How would you rate the academic professionals enrolled in the course? How would you rate the quality of information? Would you recommend their courses to others? How helpful have they been in acquiring your master degree? We appreciate the feedback you provide.

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