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    You might be wondering how well that bottle of vitamin C or those fish oil tablets will work and if they're safe when you grab them. The first question to ask yourself is if you need them. Supplements are available without a prescription and are typically in the form of pills, powder, or liquid. These supplements are used by people to ensure that they acquire enough critical nutrients and to maintain or improve their health. If you think you are not taking enough nutrients, taking supplements may be your best bet and a company that claims to offer these supplements is AOR? But how legit is the company? Are their drugs approved by the necessary department? We don't have answers to these questions. It is therefore imperative for you to read unbiased customer reviews of AOR here to know if they are worth considering giving a try.

    About AOR
    AOR is a pharmaceutical company that claims to offer a wide range of products. The firm asserts that new testing procedures are always being implemented to improve quality control in each step of the process for its customers. The company opines that it believes that the most crucial values for any organization to follow are truth and transparency. The firm claims to lead and grow the natural health sector by ethical discipline and evidence-based science.

    AOR also alleges that it aspires to spark change and challenge traditions as visionaries through continual innovation. The company maintains it exists to generate therapeutic solutions from Mother Nature, so customers can always rely on them to provide the correct chemical in the right dose, at the right location, and at the right time. AOR asserts that it does not only look at all of the current research but also puts it into action. The firm emphasizes that new technologies are always being tested in its labs to present its customers with cutting-edge products available. The company can be contacted via Phone: 1-866-215-0450 or e-mail at

    Products and services of AOR
    AOR sells supplements for blood sugar and weight. An example of such a supplement is Active Green tea. Customers who want to improve their joint & bone health can try supplements like cucurviva which allows slow breakdown by the body, mild-dose optimized curcumin for turmeric, and remain in the bloodstream for up to 24 hours. Some other supplements for bone and joint include Ortho Bone, Ortho Bone Vegan, and lots more.

    Customers who intend taking care of their cognitive health can get products like Bacopa Enlighten which promotes a healthy nervous system, support antioxidants defences in the brain, helps with memory and other cognitive function. Benfotiamine, citicoline, and more are some other products that promote cognitive health.

    AOR also offer products that detoxify. Chanka Piedra is an example of such a product - supports healthy liver, promotes healthy kidney and gall bladder. AOR sells other supplements for digestive health, anti-ageing, heart health, hormonal health, mood, sleep, stress and energy and more. The company asserts that most orders processed through AOR ship via FedEx International.

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    Have you taken any of AOR supplements in the past? If you have, you are in the best position to spread the word about the company and its products to others. Were the products satisfactory enough for you to suggest to your friends and coworkers? Please share your honest thoughts on your experiences here for the benefit of those considering doing business with the company. Your suggestions for how AOR should be used would be valuable feedback for the firm.

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