Wooden Plant Stand Vs. Metal Plant Stand

Wooden Plant Stand Vs. Metal Plant Stand
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Metal and wooden plant stands are great options to consider when choosing plant stands. However, they have their pros and cons.

In this article, we will compare some of the significant features of the two plant stands. The features we shall compare are durability, designs, cost, weight, and suitability for both outdoor and indoor use. Also, if you are looking for places where you can buy such items, you can find reviews of such companies on Allreviews to help you make an informed choice.


For any product you wish to purchase, durability is one of the primary features to consider. How long will the product last before it reaches its expiry or disuse? People who buy plant stands do so, hoping it will last for a long time. It is a statement of elegance and one that tends to become a fixture in a person's home.

Comparing both stands, metal plant stands last longer. These stands are susceptible to ruin upon exposure to harsh weather conditions or treatments. But if you handle the stands with care, you will notice that metal stands are more durable. The common problem with metal stands is that it rusts, but you can apply anti-rust paint to prevent this.

Indoor or outdoor usage

The two plant stands are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. A metal plant stand can withstand harsher weather conditions and is generally the preferred choice for outdoor use. Because metal plant stands also come in different designs, they can be used indoors.

Depending on your preference, wooden plant stands can also fit nicely indoors or outdoors.

i. Wooden plant stand indoor

Wooden plant stands come off as homey and add warmth to the indoor atmosphere.

ii. Outdoor wooden plant stand

You can use wooden plant stands to hold flowerpots that grow in shaded outdoor locations like the corridor or place it just before the door.


Weight is a subset of durability. The weight gives an idea of the durability of the material. Even though metal is weightier, wooden plant stands also weigh heavily if constructed from very durable wood. It is complicated to compare this feature because weight varies in each product. You must tailor your choice to suit your home needs.

If you move homes frequently, a lighter plant stand might lessen the burden of moving. You also have to consider the surface upon which the stand would be fixed. You should, however, prioritize weight if you wish to purchase a large or tall wooden plant stand.


As previously mentioned, a plant stand is not just a functional accessory (in that they elevate flower pots); it is also an aesthetic statement. As beautiful as flowers are as a standalone, a stylish plant stand would significantly enhance their beauty. So intricacy of the design is another thing to look out for.

Generally, you would find that metal plant stands come in more designs and shapes. One can attribute this to the relative ease of shaping metal compared to wood. So if you are in search of great designs, you should train your sights on metal plant stands.

However, if you are more of the artsy type and want some carvings on your plant stands, you should consider a wooden plant stand as such intricate designs are easier to execute on wood. A well-crafted 3-tier wooden plant stand would give off the impression that you have a tree indoors.


Plant stands are affordable, and you can buy them from online webshops in Canada without breaking the bank. However, you must bear in mind that the cost of a plant stand depends on quality and size. Between the two, wooden plant pot stands are a bit cheaper.

You could save cash if you opt for a wooden plant stand. There are many webshops where you can buy plant pots with wooden stands, and Urbanstems is one of them. You can find Urbanstems reviews on allreviews.

Choosing the ideal stand for your home is an intimate affair, and the decision is yours to make. Aesthetics is a subjective issue, but you can read up homeware reviews to help you make a better choice.

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