10 Must-haves for Men’s Wardrobes

10 Must-haves for Men’s Wardrobes
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In our fast-paced society, you navigate different settings as the day progresses. An important meeting at the office? No problem. Picking up groceries on your way back home? Consider it done. Going for a nice walk outdoors with the dog? Sign me up. Thus, a men’s wardrobe must be stylish and practical for it to withstand these conditions with flying colors. In this article, we will list ten must-have items you need in your closet:

1. Parka or a heavy coat

It’s no secret that the winters in Canada can be unforgiving. Therefore, a good-quality parka or heavy coat is not a frivolous matter. A parka with down insulation, a waterproof outer layer, and a fur-trimmed hood provides warmth and protection from wind and snow. Perfect for fun winter activities. And let’s face it, it also gives your outfit an adventurous touch.

2. Waterproof boots

Unless you like to walk around with soaked socks, you need waterproof boots. Whether you’re going hiking, snowshoeing, or simply a stroll around town, wet feet are uncomfortable and can cause myriad issues such as blisters, wounds, or freeze during winter. Be mindful of boots with thick soles, waterproofing, and insulation to keep your feet warm and dry.

3. Layering pieces

A layered outfit is not only stylish but a lifesaver when the seasons are changing. This is for the simple reason that you can always take off a layer when it’s too hot or add an extra piece when it’s too cold. Examples are sweaters, cardigans, and vests. You can wear these pieces on their own or under a coat, depending on the weather. You can also add different textures and patterns.

4. Winter accessories

Sometimes, comfort is just everything. A good scarf, hat, and glove keeps you warm and can be very stylish in the right hands. You can knot a scarf in different styles for added flair. Pick a hat that suits the shape of your head and the rest of your outfit. Gloves give your outfit a cohesive look, especially when the colors and textures align with other pieces.

5. Flannel shirts

Is there anything more timeless than a flannel shirt? We don’t think so. They’re not only warm and comfortable but also very versatile. You can wear them year-round as a standalone piece or under a coat or jacket. Since they are available in various colors and patterns, there is always a flannel shirt that fits perfectly with your unique style.

6. Denim jeans

Speaking of classics, we cannot imagine a men’s wardrobe without a couple of good worn-out jeans. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and a beating. They are the ideal companion for almost every kind of outfit. You can easily dress them up or down, depending on the occasion. The darker the jeans, the more formal it will appear.

7. Wool sweaters

Probably the warmest and softest piece of clothing in your closet, wool sweaters are available in various shapes and sizes. From crew neck to turtleneck, you can easily find one that fits your style. Wool regulates your temperature efficiently. In other words, you’ll never be too warm or too cold. You can wear them alone, or underneath a jacket or coat depending on the weather.

8. Performance gear

Are you often found on Canadian slopes skiing or hiking? Then it’s important to have the right gear to keep you comfortable and protect you from the ruthless cold and moisture. Performance gear such as thermal underwear, moisture-wicking base layers, and waterproof jackets need to be on your checklists before you head to the mountains.

9. Dress clothes

Whether you spend your working life in the office or like to go to a fancy restaurant occasionally, dress clothes are a must in every man’s wardrobe. A well-tailored suit, dress shirt, and dress shoes never go out of style. Formal clothing doesn’t only give you a polished and professional look but also gives you confidence everywhere you go. Online shops such as Suitable Menswear give you a good overview of the brands and possibilities.

10. Athletic clothes

It might not be everyone’s favorite hobby, but we cannot deny that exercise is essential. Of course, this doesn’t mean that working out needs to be an uncomfortable ordeal. You can choose joggers, hoodies, sneakers, and loose T-shirts for your perfect athleisure outfit. As a bonus, you can still wear this while lounging at home or running errands!

In this article we’ve seen that an outfit is more than a random collection of clothes, there’s reasoning behind it. To help you get started, we identified ten must-have clothes and accessories for men. Implementing the list above will result in a wardrobe that is both practical and stylish. It’s important to remember that quality always trumps quantity when assembling outfits. This way, you’re ready for anything coming your way.

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