Chic And Unique Outfits You Can Wear This Christmas Season

Chic And Unique Outfits You Can Wear This Christmas Season
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The most incredible and festive Christmas dress designs await you in the virtual runway display. We have everything you could want for the holiday season, from comfortable sweaters to snuggling by the fire to the ultimate party dress, from the minimalist's ideal Christmas ensemble to the maximalist's idea of festive chic.

However, unless you count ugly Christmas sweaters and tacky Santa hats as cute, you won't find either here. Anyhow, trying to pass as an elf is not a viable option. For the reason that this year's Christmas attire must be ideally put together. Classic combos, edgy ensembles, power outfits, and unexpected groovy alternatives - all filled with that delightful festive atmosphere. Here are ten easy-to-find-or-recreate outfits perfect for Christmas.

Red-Hot Pizzazz and Plush Textures

The classics are a great place to begin. Make a statement this Christmas Eve by donning a form-fitting dress and a long, luxurious coat. Stick to the established color scheme of scarlet, almost white, emerald, and metallic accents. Like the rest of your outfit, accessories can benefit from luxurious fabrics and a velvety finish.

Wear it to a Christmas party, dinner, and the annual family get-together you've been looking forward to all year!

Statement Plaid and Oversize Cashmere

Do you put a premium on coziness and warmth? Not that you should ever sacrifice fashion for function. A bold coat in a blatantly Christmassy print (hello, plaids!), an oversized pullover (in cashmere, of course!), and your trusted pair of dark denim are all you need.

Wear it all with a pair of black baroque pearls for the requisite iridescence and some cozy boots for added style. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and sleek by sticking to black and white to let your statement coat shine.

Wear them outside for snowball fights, caroling, or admiring Christmas lights.

Boho-Chic Layers & Golden Glow

If boho style is your go-to attire, don't change things for the holidays. An embroidered kimono is the perfect complement to a satin slip dress in jewel tones. Mix in some boho-chic bangles and finish the look with a pair of big-heel mules.

Wear it day or night, wherever your heart desires.

Maroon, Leather & Fair Isle

Choose this subdued shade of maroon if you'd like a more subtle take on Christmas Eve attire. Keep things on trend but less in your face by accessorizing your fair isle sweater with jewels in deeper red and pink tones. Leather is the perfect holiday statement piece because it is both luxurious and stylish and works nicely with your favorite knit. In addition, graphic prints are a stylish way to stand out from the crowd.

Frugal and Fab

Unfortunately, our bank accounts did not fare well throughout the holiday season. Not to worry if you are a person who values frugality and economy above all else. Inexpensive ways to look cute for Christmas that won't break the bank. Despite appearing high-end, our sub-$250 ensemble features high-quality jewelry and genuine gemstones. A slinky sequin party dress is more enticing with freshwater pearls, strappy nude heels, and a swishy clutch.

Wear it at a holiday party or on Christmas Eve for a romantic evening.

Edgy Layers and Patterned Ruffles

You're not alone if you're apprehensive about getting into the holiday spirit and would rather stand out in a crowd in your edgy fashion choices than snuggle up in a cozy knit. Have no fear; things may yet improve. Put on your favorite leather jacket with a frilly dress for an exciting contrast. Layer up with a long scarf and dangling jewelry (such as jacket earrings to keep the edge strong). An unconventional take on the holiday uniform that makes good use of red, green, and gold.

You can wear this anytime between Christmas morning and Christmas evening.

Comfy, Chic, and Christmassy

You consider a holiday where you stay in your jammies all day ideal. Indeed, we do comprehend. This is a judgment-free zone. Swap up your ratty jammies for something more holiday-themed and spend a low-key Christmas Eve (or day) at home. Find matching pajamas with a modern, non-cheesy Christmas print, and you'll have a winner. Afterward, throw in a warm cardigan made of a light white weave. Finish the appearance with a pair of soft slippers that abide by the color scheme. And since it is Christmas day, you should accessorize with a pearl pendant that is stylish and understated.

An Easy-Breezy Christmas Aesthetic

Read on if you're in the mood for something flirtatious and lighthearted! Put on a dress that you can relax in but still has a lot of sparkles, add a pair of embroidered flats (we love to see how people spin on essential items), and carry an iridescent shoulder bag. Your Christmas tree is the iridescent ideal complement. Irreverence aside, peacock-colored Tahitian pearls were fashioned into hanging earrings. Glitter and festive colors are a safe bet for every holiday-themed event, from work to dinner to date.

Wear it out on the town, when chilling with your crew, or for your next Instagram posts when you travel outside the country.

Rented Statement Pieces

What should a fashionista do to look chic on Christmas without succumbing to rapid fashion? Is it hopeless to try to find eco-friendly Christmas attire? And here's some good news: slow style and coolness have become fast friends in recent years. We propose you avoid the malls and hire your bold Christmas ensembles instead. Invest heavily in high-end designer products and consider renting them out to others as an alternative to large purchases. In terms of jewelry, skip the trendy and inexpensive and opt for timeless and classic pieces like candy cane pendants.

All-White Pearl Core-Galore Ensemble

Whenever possible, wear all white. It's hard to go wrong with a monochrome look for the holidays. It's stylish, well-organized, and, in this case, toasty and comfy. There's no question that a sweater dress and teddy coat are essentials for any cold-weather outfit. Still, the addition of pearl core influences elevates this monochrome ensemble to the top level. Pearlcore, one of the most significant fashion movements of the past year, emphasizes accessorizing with marine gems. Wear a sweater dress and accessorize with a pearl-heavy clutch, on-trend pearl hoop earrings, and a gleaming pearl ring.

Wear them anywhere except by the fireplace. Gaining and maintaining such a brilliant white requires effort, but the results are worth it.

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