The Essential Hiking Gear You Need To Bring With You To The Woods

The Essential Hiking Gear You Need To Bring With You To The Woods
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What is the best thing you can do in nature? Explore it, of course. There are so many wonderful things you can see in nature, regardless of the time of day or the season. One of the best ways to explore nature is on foot. What does this mean? It is simple, you need to take a nature hike. It is safe to say that hiking is one of the most popular hobbies among nature enthusiasts and there are many reasons for that. But, today, we are not going to discuss those things. Today, we are going to discuss the essential hiking gear you need to bring with you to the woods. If you love hiking and you want to explore the local hiking trails, here are the things you need to bring with you.

Hiking Backpack

This should be the number one thing on your list. There is no hike without a good hiking backpack. Why is that? Well, if you are going for a longer hike, you will need to bring many things with you. The easiest way to bring them is in a backpack. Also, when your things are in a backpack, you can easily get them without taking a break. Also, hiking backpacks are designed to make things easier on a hike. Your back will not hurt and you can easily put them on and take them off. Find the one that suits you and bring it with you on the next hike.

Hiking Clothes

Sure, you can hike in shorts, sweatpants, or jeans, but that does not mean that you will be comfortable during your hike. There are many reasons why you should bring hiking clothes with you and we will now discuss them. For example, the woods can be pretty moist and cold, which means that you can easily get a cold if you are not wearing appropriate clothes. Hiking clothes dry easily and that can keep you dry during the hike. Also, hiking clothes has many pockets for the many things you may need to keep handy during the adventure.

Hiking Boots

There are many people who hike in running shoes and other sneakers, but that is not a good option, especially for longer hikes. The terrain in the woods is not even. This is why you need to wear hiking boots that will protect your feet and prevent injuries. At the very least, they will make your hike more comfortable. Also, hiking boots are usually waterproof. That means you can walk through puddles in the forest without getting your feet wet.

A Map

It is not important how well you know your local woods, you need to bring a map with you on a hike. You can bring an old-school map or you can download an app, both options are good. A map will make you feel secure. Even if you do not get lost, checking a map every now and then will make you feel more comfortable.

First Aid Kit

Chances are that you will not need a first aid kit on your hike, but it is definitely better to be safe than sorry. You can easily get scratched in the woods and a first aid kit will make your life easier in that situation. You can treat your wound, disinfect it, and simply continue with your hike. A first aid kit is also one of those things that will make you feel comfortable during the hike. You should bring it with you just for that purpose.

Water And Food

Every hobby requires food. Playing video games requires snacks and hiking requires food that will give you the energy to make it to the end of the trail. If you are going on a hike, you simply need to bring water and food. Now, how much water and food you will bring depends on the length of the hike. If you want to walk for an hour, then you need to bring only one bottle of water. But, if you want to go on a longer hike that will take five hours, then you need to bring enough supplies. For a five-hour hike, you will need power bars and at least two bottles of water. Do not bring any food that can lure wild animals to you.

The Final Word

It is not important if you live in the American midwest or in Quebec, exploring the forest is a wonderful adventure. This is why, if you love nature, you should definitely go on a hike. But, if you want to have a beautiful experience and feel secure during your hike, you need to bring the things we mentioned today.

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