Top 6 Great Reasons to Replace Windows

Top 6 Great Reasons to Replace Windows
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Windows replacement may not be at the top of your list of home repair jobs. It is, nevertheless, a makeover that might give several advantages to you as a homeowner. Whether you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home, energy efficiency, or security, you can get all these solved by simply replacing windows. And there are many other reasons for you to consider window replacement. Let’s dig deeper.

Why Do You Need to Replace Your Windows?

Replacing windows is not a simple home renovation task. However, if your home's current installations are failing, decaying, unattractive, or antiquated, changing them can provide numerous long-term benefits. Many homeowners are unsure whether it is the right time to replace windows. Fortunately, the “symptoms” are simple to spot. So here are a few signs that should make you alert:

  • Cracks, chips, or other visible damage to your windows
  • Your windows are difficult to open or close
  • You feel a draft or air coming through your windows
  • Condensation between the panes of glass in your windows
  • Your energy bills have been increasing
  • You can hear outside noise more than usual
  • Your windows are faded or discoloured
  • You notice rot in the frame or sash in your wooden windows

Apart from that, home windows have a lifespan of 15-20 years on average, so if your windows are over 15-20 years old, it may be time to consider looking for new window and doors supply and replacing them.

What Do You Get When Replacing Windows?

You can easily have all the above problems solved if you replace your windows in time. Apart from that, window replacement comes with a whole pack of benefits. From increased efficiency and security to improved curb appeal and better ventilation, there are many benefits for you.

#1 — Improved Energy Efficiency

Improving energy efficiency is one of the key reasons why homeowners decide on window replacement. Older windows have inadequate insulation, enabling air to flow in and out of your home. This can result in higher energy bills as your heating and cooling systems work harder to maintain a pleasant indoor temperature. You can significantly reduce energy loss and make your home more ecologically friendly by investing in new windows and doors with energy-efficient features like low-emissivity glass and weather stripping.

Old or badly installed windows may cause 25-30% of domestic energy loss. To put it another way, you use substantially more energy heating and cooling in a home with substandard windows than you do with efficient ones. According to the US Department of Energy estimates (translated to Canadian currency at the time of writing), replacing single-pane windows with double or triple-glazed windows can save a home between $156 and $583 per year. So replacing windows is one of the ways of saving on energy bills.

#2 — Boosted Security

Windows should strike a balance between being simple to use and difficult for intruders to exploit. Some windows are difficult to operate from the inside due to damaged hardware or, worse, the sash being painted shut. In the event of an emergency, unintentional inoperability is a dangerous impediment. If there is a fire in your home, you should be able to rely on your windows to evacuate you and your family safely. On the other hand, you want your windows to be secure. The majority of burglars enter through a first-floor window. Fortunately, Canada has fewer incursions than other countries, but it is still wise to remain vigilant.

#3 — Increased Property Value

The primary function of a house is to provide comfort, protection, and shelter for our loved ones. However, a house is also an investment. Most of us will sell our houses at some time. And when we do, we want to know that we made good renovation decisions that increased the value of our property.

Replacement windows and doors are consistently considered among the top ROI home improvement projects, especially if you choose a professional company. Replacement doors are named highest for overall ROI; window replacement is not far behind. Consider replacing your windows if you have immediate plans to sell your house or just want to do repairs with long-term resale value in mind.

#4 — Increased Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is more than just a real estate industry buzzword. It's a powerful resale value investment, a show of homeowner pride, and a community-minded method to make a neighborhood more desirable. Curb appeal, defined as the beauty of a house as seen from the sidewalk, entails making aesthetic improvements to a home's front yard and front-facing. Landscaping, siding replacement, and, of course, window replacement are common components of curb appeal upgrades.

#5 — Improved Ventilation

Replacing your windows and doors can be an excellent way to introduce more natural light into your house. Keeping a well-ventilated home is especially important in Ontario during the summer. Fresh air, as medical professionals point out, has various advantages: it is stimulating, soothing, and may strengthen your natural immune system. Furthermore, airflow aids in the reduction of condensation. Add new operable windows or replace existing fixed windows with operable alternatives to improve ventilation.

#6 — Noise Reduction

Single-paned windows provide little noise reduction. As a result, if you replace single-pane windows in your home with double or triple-glazed products, you should expect lower sound transmissions. The science behind this benefit is fairly simple. Noise passes by air vibrations; an additional pane or two of glass (with argon gas fills) helps to prevent such vibrations.

Noise can also enter the home through minor gaps or holes in the frame, which are known as noise “leaks.” As a result, replacing your old windows with the help of a professional installer should go a long way toward resolving the problem.

Make a Smart Investment

Window replacement can provide various benefits to your property. Replacing your windows is a smart investment for a variety of reasons, including increased energy efficiency and exterior appeal, higher security, and improved indoor comfort. If you're planning a home improvement project, make sure to put window replacement on your list.

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