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    Most kids in this generation love mobile games. They are so engaged in it that if you take the mobile phone from them, they immediately start to cry. Just a few days ago, my daughter was playing one amazing game on my iPad and she refused to give it back for almost an hour. The most amazing thing about gaming, in general, is that there will always be that one that suits you and your lifestyle. Regardless of what you fancy, there is a game out there about it. If you're a football fan, there is a football game. If you love dogs, there is a dog's game. If you love cooking, there is a cooking game. And if you're a fashion enthusiast, there is a fashion game out there. Hey, what if you're a lover of a horse? Yes, there are different horse games out there for you to play. One of those games is called Star Stable.

    About Star Stable
    Star Stable is a video game filled with adventures on the island of Jorvik. The game was published by Star Stable Entertainment officially in October 2011. The game is available on macOS and Microsoft Windows operating system? The game has a huge user base spread across 180 different countries in 11 languages. Star Stable Entertainment claims to have a team of over 130 creative brains across 20 countries. The company also claims to be dedicated to creating inspiring and immersive experiences for a global audience of girls. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden. “It is a fully-fleshed 3D massively multiplayer online game” – the company claims. There are no age restrictions on this game and you can visit the customer reviews section of Star Stable here for more insight.

    Products and Services of Star Stable
    New users of Star Stable will need to create their character and horse. There is a character and horse builder on the home page of the website. The user gets to design the character's face, hairstyle, makeup and eye colour. For the horse, there is the coat and mane. Below the appearance software is the user's character name selection (three words) and horse's name selection (two words). At the top right of the character and horse names is a shuffle symbol for randomly generating names. Star Stable Entertainment currently has two mobile apps - Star Stable Horses and Star Stable Friends.

    Compliments, Complaints and Tips for Star Stable
    Have you played or currently playing Star Stable Online? What rating will you give Star Stable Online from 1-10? Do you have the Star Stable Friends app? What's your experience have both Star Stable mobile apps? Were you able to send and receive messages on Star Stable Friends? As a parent, were you able to delete your child's Star Stable account? And how did you request the removal of your child's data on Star Stable? Is Star Stable Horse safe for children? As your child ever been bullied in-game on Star Stable? Is Star Stable Mobile available on Android? Do PC and mobile players play together? What type of phone is required to play Star Stable Mobile? Did Star Stable respond to your feedback and suggestions?

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