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    Are you a fan of dirt bike riding? If yes, then you'd affirm that there are a lot of injuries involved with the sport. Due to this, various means of protection have been provided to curb any lasting injuries. Many top brands have started to focus their resources on creating appropriate means of protection. These means of protection come in the form of gears. One of these brands focused on selling such products is BTO sports. BTO Sports is a company that prioritizes the online selling of dirt bike gears and motorcycle parts.

    About BTO Sports
    BTO Sports is one such privately held company that claims to be amongst the leading online retailing company of motocross/ motorcycle gear, parts, accessories, clothing and more. The retail company was founded in 1999 by the owner and acting President Vince Armitsu. Over the years working for other brands in the Motorcross industry, BTO sports saw the opportunity to grow in a sport getting bigger in popularity with each passing day. Armed with a handful of contacts, he decided to go all-in on their own mail-order operation. BTO Sports was able to find a 1000 square foot in thousand oaks, California, to begin. With the aiding hands of a graphic design professional, BTO Sports published its first advertise in Dirt Rider Magazine. After the birth of an e-commerce website in late 1999, BTO Sports grew in size. While partnering with some canny developers who were enthusiasts of the sports, BTO Sports claims to have become a user-friendly site.

    Products and Services of BTO Sport
    BTO Sports has various categories. These categories include; Motorcross gears, dirt bike helmets, dirt boots, street gear and mountain bike gears. In the motorcycle gears category, products vary from; dirt bike jerseys, dirt bike pants, dirt bike gloves, e.t.c. In the dirt bike helmets category, products vary from; Fox racing - V1 tro helmet, Fox racing - V1 revn helmet, Thor - sector fader helmet e.t.c. In the dirt boots category, products vary from; Fox racing - 2020 comp boot, Alpinestars - 2021 tech seven boots, Alpinestars - 2021 tech five boots, e.t.c. In the street gear category, products range from; motorcycle helmets, boots, gloves, pants and parts/accessories. In the mountain bike gear/BMX category, products vary from; MTB - BMX helmets, MTB - BMX footwears, MTB - BMX protective gear, MTB - BMX parts and accessories e.t.c. They also offer other products such as ATV riding gear, accessories and parts, women and kid's riding gear, OEM parts, cold weather/snow accessories, e.t.c. They also feature casual wears such as Tees and Shirts, hoodies, hats and beanies, sunglasses, pants and licensed apparel. They also offer to ship both domestically and internationally. The company asserts to keep its clients and prospects abreast of their products and services by encouraging them to subscribe to their newsletter whenever they visit their website.

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