Why do we think experiences are so important?

Why AllReviews?
We believe that companies should be transparent in what thet promise and what they really do. The best way to show this is by letting customers speak that have recent experience with a certain company. We believe that companies should stand for hat they claim. If a company delivers what they promise, there is no reason not to be on AllReviews. Even more, in that case it is a great bill board to show that you only have satisfied customers. That is how we get good and strong companies with a right to exist.

Are the reviews on AllReviews real?
Yes! We can be 90% sure that every reviews that have been written are real. When in doubt (the other 10%) we remove a review from the site. We are fully aware that experience sites can be used to blacken companies onjustly. Therefore we make use of advanced software (IP-adresses, e-mail adresses and conformations etc) to find out where a review comes from.

Are you independent?
We are 100% independent. After we had some bad experiences with certain companies and had nowhere to go to with our complaints, this site has been founded. We have no interest at all to put companies in a positive or negative light. The only interest that we have is that negative comments, but of course positive comments too, are just, so the right companies are rewarded for their efforts.

When a company gets bad reviews, do you give said company a chance to improve?
What we want are reliable companies that do what they promise. Positive reviews are a reward for a company, because it can be a great bill board for the service that is give. After all, the rating and reviews are determined by independent customers. The same goes for a bad review. All we want is for that company to (still) make good on their promise. We look at the nature and gravity of the complaints. If we have been able to determine that the review is warranted, we keep it on the website. If possible (and in most cases, it is possible) we establish contact between the customer and the company in question. So the company gets the chance to rectify either by dispute the complaint or make up in some other way or another. We ask the customer if the issue has been solved and if the customer agrees to the removal of the complaint or addition of a footnote.