Our Business Model

AllReviews is a free platform available to all Internet users and businesses for sharing their opinions and experiences with others.

About AllReviews Opinions

While AllReviews does monetize certain features intended for companies to sustain our independence and transparency, these features are exclusively for marketing and visibility purposes. Learn more…

Authentic and Honest Free Reviews

At AllReviews International, our mission is to provide a safe, unbiased space for individuals who are weary of manipulated reviews favouring businesses. How can we shop confidently in such an environment?

At AllReviews, we strive to provide genuine experiences and reviews from trustworthy individuals who aim to inform and occasionally warn others about the services and products they've used. These reviews, whether positive or negative, are reflective of the business's performance. Doesn't that seem just?

A Fair and Innovative Review System

We believe our system incorporates two paramount values: Democracy and Meritocracy.

  • Democracy signifies that people can freely choose and share their opinions about companies without barriers and with full accessibility. Verified user comments determine whether a brand, service, or product is worth purchasing. We also provide a platform for business owners to respond to feedback and address potential misunderstandings.

  • Meritocracy means that companies are rewarded or penalized based on their actions. Former customers are the ones who evaluate, reward, or caution others about business practices.

We aim to promote this model in various countries, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers to create a safer, more honest online marketplace.

Free Service for Users

Our platform is entirely free for users. One of our goals is to foster an impartial and united community against companies exploiting the lack of knowledge among Internet users.

Our Affiliate System

AllReviews generates revenue through our affiliate service offered to certain company profiles in our system. This approach allows us to avoid advertising, thereby maintaining a free space for our community.

Our mission is to establish a trustworthy environment where users can navigate our platform without the influence of advertisements. We welcome affiliate partners who align with our stated values to collaborate with us.


For more information about our goals and commitments, feel free to contact us. We also have a section for press and publications that may be of public interest.