Relocating for Retirement: Small Towns in Ontario Worth Moving To

Relocating for Retirement: Small Towns in Ontario Worth Moving To

Your retirement living is one of the most significant decisions you will ever make, including the aspect of buying a property. Some people may be content to retire in their existing hometown, but others may see retirement as a chance to relocate. Ontario has many quaint small towns, each with its distinct charm and personality. Ontario offers retirement options to fit various budgets, even though certain areas are quite pricey. Also, buying a property in the ideal town will ultimately rely on each individual's demands and lifestyle choices, but let's examine what each has to offer first.

Top 7 Small Towns in Ontario Worth Moving To

One of Canada's ten provinces, Ontario, is located in the east-central region of the nation. Although Ottawa serves as the capital of Canada, Toronto is the country's largest city and Ontario's capital. Ontario boasts a plethora of dynamic cities with a diverse array of restaurants, stores, arts, and culture, aside from Toronto and Ottawa. The stunning scenery of Niagara Falls is another reason for the province's fame.

Ontario offers a good quality of life with a good mix of rural and urban living, allowing residents to be more eco-friendly. You can discover lots of outdoor space in Ontario, no matter where you are. Here are the top 7 retirement small towns in Ontario for retirement.


Situated in the Halton region of Lake Ontario, Oakville is a charming city that makes a wonderful place to call home. With a population of approximately 213,000, the city is growing in popularity because of its proximity to Toronto. Most of the population may be young professionals, but there are still many people over 65, so it's an excellent area for seniors to retire.

With a median home price of approximately $1.6 million, Oakville's real estate market is on the pricier end of the spectrum. Rent for a one-bedroom flat in the city averages from $1,500 to $2,500 a month, making it an expensive rental market. Oakville's high standard of living makes it a great spot to retire, even with its pricey real estate and rental market. Retirees who prefer indoor activities can find enough to do. They can visit the Oakville Museum or the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre. The city is peaceful, safe, and family-friendly.


At 36,611, the median age of Lakeshore residents is 39.9, with 14.8% of the town's population being over 65. With an average home price of $249,000, purchasing a retirement home is among the more reasonably priced areas. This town has many markets, stores, and boutiques with a great standard of living. Also, there are some art galleries to explore.

Fantastic recreational opportunities also exist, such as the tennis courts, gymnasium, and public library at the Atlas Tube Recreation Centre. Lakeshore offers several watersports options. The town offers first-rate medical services, and its retirement homes include Seasons Belle River in Lakeshore and La Chaumiere.


Niagara-On-the-Lake is the ideal retirement destination for anyone wishing to live in a tiny town. Only 18,652 people are living there. With 34% of the population 65 and over and a median age of 55.5, the city has a sizable senior population. The average home in this neighbourhood costs about $662,269 because it is in a highly sought-after area with fewer homes available.

The community provides a tranquil lifestyle and several retirement communities, including Stamford Estates and River Road Retirement Residence. All are less than 30 minutes from Niagara Falls.


Newmarket provides big-city amenities along with the charm of a little town. Its serene scenery is made up of over seventy parks and nature paths, and the town's eclectic mix of historic buildings, cultural events, and artistic pursuits makes It a stimulating place to live.

In addition to various retirement communities, including The Roxborough Retirement Residence, the town offers a peaceful way of life, with Newmarket local relocation experts ready to assist. Retirement homes in Newmarket offer the finest services and amenities akin to a resort stay, combining the conveniences of the city with the country. These houses provide a rewarding retirement with great dining, a fitness facility, a pool, a pub, a kitchen, and fireplaces. They also have lounges, libraries, patios, and furnished suites.


With 125 km northeast of Toronto, Peterborough is home to 85,163 people. The median age is 42.3, and 25% of the population is over 65. In November 2023, the average price of a property in Peterborough was $629,988.

Peterborough retirees can participate in various senior-focused activities and cultural events, such as a 55-to-80-year-old hockey league. The Peterborough Regional Health Centre is a cutting-edge hospital that offers healthcare services. In Peterborough, there are numerous retirement communities from which to select. Some of those are Rubidge Retirement Residence, Canterbury Gardens, and Empress Gardens Retirement Residence.


Cobourg is a small town with 20,094 residents. It has a significant proportion of older citizens—37% of the population is over 65. The average cost of a home in Cobourg is $764,147, and the median age is 53.8.

The community is an excellent option for those looking to retire close to water. It is situated by a lake between Toronto and Kingston. Because living expenses are lower, retirees with limited funds find this place more appealing. In addition to several bike and hiking paths, there is a thriving art scene. The Northumberland Hills Hospital provides great medical treatment to the people of this little town. Rosewood Estates Gracious Retirement Living and Cobourg Retirement Residence are just two places from which retired individuals can choose.


Stratford is a perfect choice if you want to retire in a smaller community with excellent amenities. With 32,906 individuals, the typical age of Stratford is 45.4, and 24% of the population is over 65. Stratford has reasonably priced homes, with the average price being $584,906.

Stratford, home of the renowned Stratford Festival, is a fantastic destination for theatre enthusiasts. Although the city lacks various healthcare options in larger areas, Stratford General Hospital offers effective medical care. River Gardens Retirement Residence and Royal Palisade are two retirement communities in Stratford.

Final Words

Ontario has many appealing retirement options, from larger towns to smaller rural areas, if you're looking to move away from where you currently call home. They all provide excellent living standards for a variety of retirement income ranges. All small towns in Ontario have many attractive retirement neighbourhoods to pick from. Moreover, they offer pleasant living conditions and plenty of company.

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