Verificatication Process For Companies

AllReviews places high importance on helping Canadians easily identify reputable businesses for their online shopping needs. A major strategy we use involves verifying whether a company is legitimate and secure.

When a company receives our verification mark, it signifies that they have shared their business information with us, and we have rigorously authenticated them. This involves direct communication with business operators and confirming the company as a lawful and genuine entity providing authentic services to its users. However, we rely on our users to assess the quality of these services or products through their reviews and comments.

How to Get Your Company Verified with Us?

Looking to verify your brand or online store? Simply reach out to us via our support page. Typically, we’ll require the following:

1. A valid Identity Card
2. Proof of domain ownership (Name and surname must match the Identity Card)
3. Chamber of Commerce Identification Number
4. Visible contact information on your online business

Does Lack of Verification Affect Your Score?

No, your score on our platform is solely based on user reviews and experiences. The Verified label signifies a commitment to data transparency for your customers. While it isn't mandatory, it's highly recommended to build stronger connections with both potential and existing customers reviewing your products.

Benefits of Verifying Your Company with Us

Besides promoting transparency and reliability, here’s why verifying your company on our platform is advantageous:

  • Seamless and Swift: Once you reach out and provide the necessary data, and if all checks out, we’ll promptly grant your business the Verified label.

  • Boosts Your Business Credibility: Compared to unverified businesses, having the verification mark can significantly attract users who value trustworthy reviews about your brand.

  • It's a Responsible Move: In an era where online shopping poses risks, demonstrating your commitment to customer safety through this verification can enhance the overall shopping experience, making it more secure and enjoyable.

Remember, verifying your company with AllReviews isn’t just about meeting a standard; it’s about setting one for safety, transparency, and trust in the online marketplace.