Edit Delete Opinions and Mark them as Resolved

Often, we write reviews when we've had a negative experience, but many people choose to modify or delete their review hours later. Mistakes can happen, and at AllReviews, we provide the necessary tools so users can always control the opinions they share on our platform.

Below, we outline the main functions available to users when posting a review on our site. Just as there is no limit to creating reviews, we also support the choice to edit them, understanding that opinions can change or additional information might need to be added.

Editing a Posted Review

If you've shared an opinion and want to make changes—whether to add details, make clarifications, or for any other reason—you can easily do so through your user panel.

  1. Log in to your account by clicking on the top right corner

  2. Select the “Edit Review” option

  3. Make the necessary changes

  4. Click Save

At AllReviews, we strictly oppose the editing of reviews under threats or coercion from any company. Should you encounter such a situation, please reach out to us immediately to report your case.

Things to Consider When Editing a Review

Our commitment is to transparency and honesty, so we offer the following tips to keep in mind before editing a review.

  • Is it really necessary? If you want to correct minor spelling mistakes, the effort might not be needed, though a well-written experience is always appreciated.

  • Are you doing it of your own free will? We do not tolerate coercion by companies. If a company demands that you edit or delete a negative review, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Does your review contain personal or sensitive information? Avoid posting any sensitive data that could compromise individuals involved or affect third parties. Focus on discussing the brand and your personal experience to prevent account suspension.

Deleting a Posted Review

Users can also delete their reviews if needed. We recommend doing this only in cases where you've mistakenly reviewed the wrong company or if there has been a significant misunderstanding. If your issue has been resolved, read on, as we offer a feature for users to acknowledge that a business has resolved their problem.

Delete your review only if absolutely necessary and without any external pressure. To delete a review:

  1. Log into your account by clicking on the top right corner

  2. Select the “Delete Review” option

  3. Confirm your action by clicking accept

What Does it Mean to Mark a Review as Resolved?

At AllReviews, we offer a new feature that allows users to inform others when a company has resolved the issue that led to a negative review.

Currently, this option requires users to confirm that their problem has been resolved by the company. We will then mark the review as “resolved.” This feature is especially beneficial for businesses looking to improve their public relations. Contact us to mark your review as resolved if:

  • The business successfully resolved your issue: The company read your review and provided a satisfactory solution to your concern.