About us

The national experience site in Canada!


AllReviews is a collectors site that collects Experiences. Together, we tell future customers whether they should buy at a certain company or not. That way, you will know upfront how things really are and you will not be cheated.

We are a group that is dedicated to creating a space where brands and consumers can come together and have meaningful conversations about the products and services that they use. We are not just a website though. We are only as good as the reviews that we host and the valuable relationships that we foster between consumers and brands. Essentially, we are like you – online consumers who want to be able to trust the products that we purchase online by reading real reviews from real people that accurately reflect what is being purchased.

What We Do

We bring together like-minded people – consumers and users of brands, products and services. We create websites that are designed to empower people to make informed decisions about products and services that they have used. We strive to make a positive contribution to online conversations by giving users like you a platform to showcase your experiences. This positive contribution goes a long way towards building trust when purchasing. We do this by providing a truly global service. We give you a voice on an international platform dedicated to information exchange between brands, service providers and end-users. When you leave a review of a product or service that you have used, we host that review online. Allreviews offers a unique service that improves customer satisfaction by bringing together potential buyers with reviews of the brands and services that others are interested in buying. Allreviews also offers a service to the brands that are hosted on our websites by creating a channel of communication between them and their customers. This way, brands can more easily monitor their company image online in a positive environment. When you leave a review you are not just leaving feedback for the brand you purchased. You are providing value to them and, moving forwards, providing value to other prospective buyers. We want this contribution to always be one of positiveness and value.

What We Believe

We believe in the power of the consumer. We believe that you can be an influence to improve the customer experience. The market should be transparent for sellers and users alike. Furthermore, we believe that brands and service providers should be able to change their image and service in a positive way by proactively engaging with their customers. And we believe, ultimately, that customers hold the key to this change. We have a vision of customer-brand relations that makes communication a tool for improvement. At Allreviews we understand that all reviews, as long as they are honest and fair, can be part of this change. From praising a company that has exceeded expectations, to highlighting the times when promises have not been met – honest reviews mean positive change. This process of curating reviews results in a reliability in online services for consumers that would not otherwise exist. It also results in reliability for service providers and brands because they can tailor their interaction and offerings to their customers based on the feedback that they receive. This, for us, is at the heart of what we are doing at Allreviews. We understand that honesty and reliability are the central themes that drive our vision forward.

The Importance Of Reviews

We live in a busy world, one where brands are striving to meet the ever-changing demands of the customers that they serve. Part of this change comes in recognizing that brands and service providers now operate in an environment of increasing consumer choice. With this choice comes uncertainty, especially when purchasing online, especially as many areas of the web can feel wild and unregulated. Very often, customers find that they are uncertain whether a product, a product or brand will fulfill the promises that are made about it. But what if you could turn to a trusted source to evaluate that purchase before you spend your hard-earned money? How valuable would a source of real reviews, written with honesty and transparency, be to you before your next purchase? We know that it would be of great value to you, so that you can ensure you are getting exactly what you believe you are paying for. We are also confident that this value extends to the brands and providers themselves, so that they can better align themselves with their customers’ expectations.

Our Industries

Allreviews collects reviews from brands across a range of industries. Each one specializes in providing a product or service that is available to buy online. The areas we cover include essential services such as insurance for your home, contents and car. We have reviews for energy deals, for gas and electricity providers. Want to switch your energy supplier? Check with us first. We have reviews for telecommunication deals for your home, internet and mobile. With so many services available, it is only wise to ensure that you have every base covered. Allreviews cover all aspects of car ownership from financing to leasing, car cleaning services and car rental deals. We are here for you when you go online for dating services, or to book your holiday and of course we have every aspect of personal finance covered as well. Whatever you are buying online, whether it’s for home, business, essentials, pleasure or leisure - you can be sure that you will find peace of mind in our reviews. If you can think of an industry vertical then it’s our goal to provide engaging, trustworthy reviews of value in that field.