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    Diversity in the language is as old as time itself, it is a way in which people have communicated their feelings, knowledge and thoughts to one another. The need to learn more languages has been increasing for centuries as the need to travel to other regions increased too. Language is an important aspect of life as it is used always for interaction, learning and for understanding. Most individuals choose to study languages as a good course of study. With research, there are over 5000 languages in the world and new languages are still being discovered. As money has different currencies via country so does languages differ concerning nations, countries and cities? The urge to connect with people of diverse cultures and being able to communicate with them gives us access to lots of information. For professional reasons, languages are learned by businessmen for importing and exporting, for international collaboration with people in foreign nations. Languages bring people together and strengthen the bond between people when interacting. There are different ways to learn languages and as technology advances, every day so does learning which brought about online apps for language learning, There are numerous apps on how languages can be learnt, one of which is Mondly.

    About Mondly
    Mondly was founded by Alex and Tudor Illeiscu in Brasov, Romania in 2014. They affirm that their mission is to build bridges between cultures and people through technological innovation by empowering millions to learn languages in a way they never imagined. “Diversity is what drives us” – a statement from the company’s website claims. Mondly partners with Oxford university press to introduce an enhanced English language learning modules to help their clients take international recognized oxford language test after their learning is complete. Mondly has about 60 million users internationally. Their team of tutors insist on finding creative ways of using technology to make languages like French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and many more easy and fun to learn. Wants to learn more about the platform? If yes, then we suggest you read honest customer reviews of Mondly here before visiting their website.

    Products and services of Mondly
    Mondly provides a wide range of products and services which includes their applications for Android web or iOS devices, which are Mondly VR, Mondly AR, Mondly kids. They also help companies train their staffs in different languages. “With our speech recognition technology, gamified learning and employee usage and progress fields, learning is assured” – the company claims.

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    What can you tell us about the wide range of services offered by Mondly? Have you ever downloaded their mobile app in the past? If yes, is it user friendly? How would you rate their app and general service delivery on a scale of one to ten? Is the app overrated or underrated? How much data was consumed after downloading the app? How often do you use the Mondly app? Maybe you can suggest to us how the platform can improve its general service delivery. Your experiences and feedback will be highly appreciated.

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