What are Vacation Packages?

What are Vacation Packages?

These packages are a pre-arrangement or prepaid trip that combines at least two travel components. It basically allows you to fit multiple aspects of your trip into a single purchase. For instance, a flight + hotel package, or a flight + hotel + car package. Rather than make separate bookings for these services, you get them all in a single booking.

There are several online companies that offer vacation packages for Canadians. Some already have a fixed itinerary. Other travel sites will let you build your package from scratch. You can select your preferred city of arrival or departure, your preferred kind of accommodation, the location and so on. If you're still undecided about the location, you can read our guide on how to plan a dream vacation.

What makes vacation packages an excellent solution for your travels is that they are more affordable. Since you'll be getting multiple services within the package, the price is usually discounted. Even if it's just a few bucks less, every dollar counts, especially if you've been saving up for several months already.

Top Travel Destinations with Cheap Vacation Packages

Vacation deals are generally budget-friendly. However, if you're looking for the cheapest travel destinations that still guarantee a memorable experience, here are the top picks:Hawaii Vacation Packages
As a top tourist destination, Hawaii has no shortage of special vacation deals. Hawaii vacation packages usually include accommodation, flights and car rentals. Known for its beautiful beaches, you'll find lots of seaside resort packages too.

Cuba Vacation Packages

The best way to save on your trip to Cuba is with a cheap Cuba vacation package. Cuba vacation packages usually cover round-trip flights and hotel bookings for the duration of your stay. Famous sights to see are the OldHavana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Playa Paraiso (Paradise Beach).

Mexico Vacation Packages

A trip to Mexico will allow you to experience the rich cultural heritage and also lounge around in five-star resorts. You can join in the celebrations for the iconic festival, Dia de Los Muertos, or visit the Yucatan Peninsula and bask in the sunny white-sand beaches. There are tons of Mexico hotel + flight deals available for tourists.

Why Get a Vacation Package?

Affordability isn't the only benefit of a vacation package. It also helps you save time and energy, especially:

  • When vacationing for the first time in a travel destination
  • When you're too busy to plan your itinerary
  • When vacationing with family

Planning a vacation sometimes defeats the purpose of wanting one in the first place. Searching for flights, browsing hotels, sifting through car rental services and brainstorming things to do on vacation can be time-consuming and very stressful. Opting for a vacation package helps lessen a bit of the burden. To find the perfect solution, read company reviews about vacation packages before making a purchase. Companies that have satisfied users in the past have a high chance of doing so again.

Vacation Packages from Toronto and Other Major Canadian Cities

No matter the city you reside in, you can access these online travel sites and get the best vacation packages. Remember that online reviews are the surest way to get top-notch vacation deals. You can read reviews of eDreams to find out how effective the company is for flight bookings and car rentals. With Hotel.com reviews, you'll find out the feedback from other users about the hotel booking services available.

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