5 Popular Activities Canadians Should Consider for Entertainment and Fun

5 Popular Activities Canadians Should Consider for Entertainment and Fun

Canada is a huge country with endless possibilities. There are dozens of exciting activities for Canadians to explore in different parts of the country, regardless of how remote or corporate, the area appears.

Many Canadians might be of the assumption that there is not enough to do for fun in their locations. However, there are dozens of fun activities to engage in, and tourists even visit the nation for fun and entertainment. If you are in the Great White North and you want to have fun, here are five top activities that you should consider:

1. Playing Casino Games

First, Canada is one of the countries in the world where citizens can get all the entertainment and thrill they need in the comfort of their houses. As a Canadian, you are legally permitted to play all casino games in new online Canadian casinos.

Michelle H. Thomas, a casino expert, believes that Canadian casinos are some of the best in North America. Players can visit the best casinos and play the best games of their choice. Many older citizens do not consider playing in an online casino as a form of entertainment. This is because they are used to the traditional casino experience and are not accustomed to the digital world. People who prefer the physical experience can visit brick-and-mortar gambling houses.

However, for those who prefer the online experience, the developers of these games have done their best to guarantee an unparalleled gaming session that mirrors traditional casino games. In addition, all these gaming sites are easy to navigate, and just one trial is enough to convince anybody that gaming online is just as exciting as offline gaming.

2. Visit the Polar Bear Capital of the World

Several Canadians are not aware that the polar bear capital of the world is right there in the country. The polar bear safari is located in a remote, isolated town called Churchill. However, the size and location of this tourist attraction do not determine the magic in this area.

In the polar bear safari, there are dozens of activities and experiences that you cannot possibly get in any other part of the world. In this location, you see beautiful wild polar bears that you have only seen in movies. Tourists also get that rare opportunity to see arctic foxes tiptoeing around.

This safari is filled with different wildlife, and tourists can choose to go on the tundra buggy adventure if they want to see the deepest parts of the tundra and see all sorts of wildlife preserved here. It is also one of the top locations in Canada where you can gaze upon the beauty of the Northern lights, and at that moment, there is nothing better you can wish for.

3. Go for Canadian Canoeing in the Northwest Territories

If you have never explored the beautiful waterways in Canada, this is probably the right time to do it. Canadian canoeing is exciting, and there are dozens of different routes to explore.

One of the most popular tourist routes is the South Nahanni river. Going through this route, the tourists enjoy the calming breeze and bless their eyes with the beautiful views of nature. Most of the popular routes for Canadian canoeing are in the northern territories. However, you can get to enjoy this exciting and relaxing activity from almost every part of the country.

4. Watch Whales in Vancouver

As a lover of aquatic life and a Canadian, there is no reason for you to have never gone whale watching. In this city, dozens of tour operators are ready and more than qualified to give you the best three to seven hours of your life, taking in the beauty of the Pacific Coast.

You cannot go on this tour without seeing at least two different types of whales, something you might never get to see as easily for the rest of your life. Other than whales, you can also see aquatic creatures like the beautiful ever-happy dolphins, seals, orcas, and even sea lions. You really should not miss out on this memorable experience if you are in Canada.

5. Visit Toronto’s Tallest Attraction: The CN Tower

One of the most popular activities in Canada is going on an edge walk at this tower. It is the tallest attraction in the entire country. If you are interested in activities that can give you that adrenaline rush, you will find the edge walk here to be worth your time as you will find yourself walking outside the circumference of the tower’s roof.


These five activities will eliminate the impression that Canada has no fun activities. In addition, these activities are guaranteed to leave you wanting to try more activities with an open mind. Canada is a big and developed nation, so you can be assured that there is an activity that will appeal to you, regardless of what you consider fun.

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