Planning The Best Vacation Of Your Life

Planning The Best Vacation Of Your Life

The world is a beautiful place, and searching for the right place to visit can be overwhelming. Then you need to plan your travel itinerary, make arrangements for a hotel, book restaurants, tours and so on. While vacationing is a blissful experience, planning the perfect one can be pretty tedious. It'd take weeks or months to get it all done, but with the help of vacation and travel companies, you won't have to go through any of that hassle.

These companies are specialized in helping vacationers plan the perfect trip to anywhere in the world. Several of them are available and willing to render assistance to Canadians. So it's up to you to make your choice. And with the help of AllReviews, you can find tons of vacation companies alongside reviews written by real customers.

Let's find out more about vacations and the essentials of planning a trip.

Your Vacation Planning Checklist

Every trip requires a few essential elements before you pack your bags and be on your way.

Travel Location

Unless you already have a specific destination in mind, you need to decide where exactly you want to go. Your vacation could have multiple destinations. Maybe you want to take a trip to Italy and visit Florence, Rome and Naples. You might also want to make it to Venice in time for the famous Venice Carnival.

Highlight a list of attractions and towns you want to visit. You could go the old-fashioned way and use a map. Otherwise, you can take to the internet using your smartphone. The web, as you probably already know, is full of information. You could also look up some recommendations from travel blogs.


Hotels are just one kind of accommodation when vacationing. You could opt for vacation rentals such as cottages, bed and breakfasts, short-term apartments, etc. The length of stay should determine the kind of accommodation you choose.

You could choose to walk into hotels or BNBs as you arrive, but the very touristy locations are often so crowded that you'll hardly find any available rooms on arrival. Booking in advance is often the best option, and you can book as few or as many days as you'd like to stay in the town. If you need help with booking, the next travel essential on the list will come in just handy.


When going on overseas trips, researching the town you'll be visiting will ensure that you have the best possible experience. Here are a couple of things to find answers to:

  • What language is spoken there?
  • Is it peak tourism season?
  • What's the weather like that time of year?
  • Are there religious restrictions?
  • Do I need a Visa to travel?

You may need to take a quick crash course on the language if it's foreign to you. Or at least purchase a basic language guide for tourists in advance. Knowing the weather to expect will help you decide what outfits to pack and what outdoor activities you can do.

Peak tourism season is usually very busy and pricey too, and you may be in the mood for a more tranquil experience. In which case, you should avoid planning a trip during that time. Religious restrictions are also crucial to consider if you're travelling to heavily Muslim or Christian cities.
Last but not least is visa requirements. Check if your Canadian passport allows free travel to the country you'll be vacationing in. You won't want to get turned back at the airport when you're all set and ready to go.

Airplane Tickets

You could hit the road if you're simply heading down to the countryside or taking a cross-country trip through the border. However, an overseas trip will most certainly require you to take the air route.
You need to know from where you want to fly in and which city you'll be returning home from. If it's the same city, you may want to opt for a round trip as those are more economical. Booking in advance is also recommended. This way, you get the best flight deals.

Travel Insurance

Don't forget insurance. This is becoming a major requirement for overseas trips nowadays, and it's actually very beneficial to travellers. You're probably going to a foreign country where you know no one, so you'll need as much protection as you can get from accidents and other unforeseen events. Insurance provides coverage for both you and your belongings.

When to Plan a Vacation

The timing of a holiday trip is a crucial aspect to consider. The time of the year you'll be vacationing can also help you decide where you should visit. When planning for summer trips, you'll want a destination with a beautiful sea, good hiking spots and watersports events. For a winter trip, a snowy mountain region with a ski resort sounds like the perfect spot. Ski resorts cater to winter sports vacations as well. It's best to visit a place that has activities that are of interest to you.
Besides holidays, you could decide to take special trips for a romantic getaway or a family excursion at any time of the year.

While you could go out on a whim and plan for a city trip within Canada, it's not feasible to take an overseas vacation on an impulse. We advise you to start planning between 1 – 6 months prior. This is because an overseas vacation could require visa processing and saving up a budget. This brings us to an aspect that often limits vacation efforts – costs.

Cost of Planning a Vacation

Costs are a significant point to consider when travelling. Taking a trip to an exotic country is often expensive. Even journeying from, say, Vancouver to Toronto for sightseeing isn't free of charge. Not only do you need to pay for hotels, vacation rentals, and feeding, you need to factor in a bit of souvenir shopping too.
A limited budget tends to hamper your liberty to do all these, and for many, it takes months to save up for a future trip.

Fortunately, vacations aren't always pricey, as there are cheap solutions to enjoying that memorable overseas experience. You could also opt for group holidays with your friends and acquaintances. Not only do you get to share costs, but it's much more exciting exploring new places while sharing laughs with familiar faces.

Should I Choose Cheap Vacations or Pricey Vacations?

Logically, everyone wants the best possible price for a vacation. You certainly don't want to get stranded in a foreign country or come back home with your bank account all but depleted.
While saving up on costs is advisable, ensure that you don't compromise the travel experience just to get the cheapest vacation deals. A few hundred bucks could make the difference between a fantastic trip and a mediocre one.

It's alright to opt for accommodation outside the city center to cut costs. However, if your housing is too far away from the tourist sites, you'll end up spending half the day on a train or bus, rather than taking in the beautiful sights. There is no need to shy away from an expensive vacation if your budget permits it. Staying at an extravagant 5-star resort doesn't sound too bad.

If you want to get cheap vacation packages, make sure you do so at the best travel companies with a good reputation. To find them, you merely need to read reviews of vacation companies.
A pricey vacation is a good choice. A cheap one can be equally rewarding, too, as long as you recourse to the right travel sites for the best vacation packages.

Vacation Packages & All-Inclusive Vacations

A vacation package is good for cutting costs when vacationing on a budget. It often covers flight, accommodation, rental car or transfers, day tours and other activities, meals and travel insurance. You can benefit from discounts, promos and other perks from these cheap vacation packages. If you're looking to find the best packages, we've got a more in-depth article on vacation packages. Vacation Packages are available at resort destinations too. You pay a single price and get access to all the perks of the holiday resort.

Some vacation packages are all-inclusive, including meals and drinks. During the winter, you also get access to sports and water sports activities where available. Holiday resorts are perfect for winter sports vacations. All-inclusive packages make your travel much easier, as everything you possibly need is already sorted out and reserved. For more info, read about all-inclusive vacations here.

Vacation Deals at The Best Travel Sites

While a vacation may be considered a luxury, it is necessary to take some time off from your busy schedule once in a while. Not only does this improve mental health, but it also helps you recuperate physically. You get to sleep more, spend meaningful time with relatives during the Christmas vacation, or maybe lazy around in the sun during the summer months.

Vacation deals at the best travel sites will provide amazing packages for any vacation style of your choice and any length of your stay. These travel sites will even help you with visa requirements and travel insurance if need be. Reading up on reviews will help you find the top travel companies with a proven track record of quality service.

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