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    Ever paid a visit to a hotel and you are left fascinated about the service they provide that deep down there is this burning desire to return or lodged in a hotel where the service sucks? Surely the first scenario is the one every individual wish to experience in their journey, where ever that may be. People tend to constantly patronize a hotel they have slept in the past and enjoyed the infrastructure and the service delivery. Danubius Hotels is one of the hotels you could decide to lodge while on a trip. Do you wish to know more about the company? We suggest you read unbiased customer reviews of Danubius Hotels here to ascertain the company’s capabilities.

    About Danubius Hotels
    Danubius Hotels aver in their 15 hotels; they work hard to leave their guests with memorable experiences of their stay. Danubius Hotels insists in all of their branches they always aim to ensure their guests have a memorable experience. Their hotels are available in various cities across the world. Hence, you can always check or ask their customer service if they are available in the country or city you are visiting. Their customer service department can be reached through the Contact Us page on their website as well as on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

    Products and Services of Danubius Hotels
    Danubius Hotels asserts in recent years Hungary has become the beating heart of Eastern Europe offering its outstanding flavours and fruity wines, its amazing views and extraordinary history to the fun-seeking European traveller. Whilst Budapest remains the main attraction of the country, the Hungarian countryside is just as fun to visit if travellers choose to stay in the charming city of Győr, Danubius Hotels boasts to help travellers find the best hotels regardless of their budget.

    Danubius Hotels claims their range of hotels includes a branch in Helia which they describe as a modern, recently renovated hotel on the Pest side with great wellness facilities, located right by the Danube, Helia can be reached by public transport, has a parking lot for their guests arriving by car and the hotel bistro acclaimed to be a great spot to relax and enjoy refreshments before or after a busy day. A branch in Gellért which Danubius Hotels claims is a classic, elegant hotel right by the world-famous Gellért Spa, Gellért Hill and Szabadság Bridge. Danubius hotel asserts their magnificent building is a symbol of Budapest, while its stylish interior is an invitation to experience last-century glamour.

    A branch in Astoria centre Danubius describes as a legendary hotel that has been operating for over a century now. Located in the inner city, Danubius Hotels Astoria is reputed to be a great choice for city breaks or a romantic getaway. The company claims the hotel has cosy rooms and a contemporary menu that make Astoria really popular for guests from all over the world and many other branches in Hilton Budapest, Radisson Blu Beke Hotel, Hungaria city centre and many other locations around the globe. Danubius Hotels says their hotels are perfect for weddings, meetings and conferences, special events among others.

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    What was your experience like during your stay in any of the branches of Danubius Hotels? How would you rate the quality of their customer service? Do they have safety protocols in place to ensure their guests are safe? Were there faults or lapses you experienced during your stay? Are there areas you wish to advise improvements on? Your feedback would help us educator others about the brand.

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