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    is practised outdoors, it literally allows you to ventilate: the brain is better oxygenated, which is beneficial for all the vital functions of the body. Being outside and being exposed to natural light is also a big plus. This allows for a better quality of life and a reduced risk of depression. By secreting endorphins, cycling also provides a feeling of freedom and well-being. It is an excellent sport for improving your mental health if you are suffering from stress, depression or anxiety. Pedalling is very good physical exercise, even at low intensity. It allows everyone to stay active at their own pace and improve their physical condition. Cycling strengthens the cardiovascular system. By making the heart muscle work, it allows excellent vascularization of the whole body. At the same time, it improves breathing. Whether it is to maintain a healthy weight or to lose weight, cycling is a good exercise for burning calories and fat. For this, you do not necessarily have to pedal in sprinter mode. It's up to everyone to find their right intensity: neither too much nor too little. It goes without saying that pedalling activates the leg muscles. But the arms, back, buttocks and abs are not left out and are activated and sculpted in turn. Whether it is to maintain a healthy weight or to lose weight, cycling is a good exercise for burning calories and fat. Do you wish to get yourself a bicycle? If yes then, roll: Bicycle Company may be among the list of your options.

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    roll: Bicycle Company is a privately held company that offers its customers large collections of bicycle and their accessories. The company began their operations in Ohio, Columbus, United States. With determination, roll: Bicycle Company assert to have begun their journey from scratch, fixating on every last detail to build the bikes they are proud to own and share with their customers today. The company allege to have gathered enough experience in the cycling industry to be able to satisfy their customers with their products. According to the company, its mission is to conceive, design, and build a bike that meets higher standards, and fulfil every wish of its customers. For independent customer reviews of roll: Bicycle Company, please do read on.

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    Bicycle Company provides their customers with bicycles according to their personalized needs. Customers can virtually build bicycle to their taste with the bike builder featured on the website. roll: Bicycle Company then proceed to build the bicycle for the customer by the hand and have it ready to go in 48 hrs. roll: Bicycle Company also offers free shipping to customers to their local bike shop in about 3 days with 50 days guarantee.

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    Do you have any experience riding any of roll: Bicycle Company's bikes? How comfortable are their bikes for you when riding them? Did you experience any difficulty with any bicycles? Did you get value for money after giving them a try? is their website user friendly? Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

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