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    Even if the exact origin of the t-shirt is vague, we know that it was indeed present in the wardrobe of men of the American working class from the 19th century. Most often, it was found as underwear, worn under a shirt or overalls. The lightweight cotton piece was adopted by the US military, specifically the US Navy in 1913 as an undershirt, for various reasons. Featuring a round neck and short sleeves, the white cotton t-shirt absorbed sweat and was easily washable. It is therefore from this moment that this piece gradually gains its popularity. During the Second World War, the American army will in turn initiate Europe to the famous t-shirt. It was then adopted in civilian life until today it has become one of the essential basics of the male wardrobe. Today, the t-shirt is undoubtedly one of the clothes that we consume the most and which we replace most often. When looking for a t-shirt, several parameters must be taken into account: the material, the quality of the finishes or the cut. It's no secret that a good t-shirt should meet these main requirements. In addition to the cut or the shape of a t-shirt, we can note certain crucial points allowing us to determine its level of quality. The first thing to do in the store is of course to touch it and ask yourself the right questions. Is the fabric thin or thick? Is it soft or rough? Are the seams straight and won't warp the fabric? Where is it made? With what fabric? On the web or in-store, the best reflex you can have is to look carefully at the composition of the t-shirt. RIPT apparel is one of those companies that you can add to your list of options when you are on the mission to get yourself a T-shirt.

    About RIPT apparel
    RIPT apparel is a company that offers customers a wide range of t-shirts designs that features gaming, anime, pop culture and more. The company alleges that its vision is to bring people together through pop-culture apparel and provide a daily destination for fun, nostalgic, limited edition artwork. Also, RIPT apparel claims its mission is to create a fun, collaborative, and safe work environment where employees can grow personally and professionally. RIPT apparel began its operations in their headquarter situated in Chicago, United States. You should read independent customer reviews of RIPT apparel here before considering investing in any of their products and services.

    Products and services of RIPT apparel
    RIPT apparel offers the sales of limited edition pop culture designs every day on T-Shirts, Hoodies, Posters and more. The list of the design styles the company feature on their site includes 80s and 90s, comics, movies, animation, anime, and TV. RIPT apparel also claims to feature more than six thousand creators or designers that helps creates the wide range of designs listed on their website.

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