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    How do you like your footwear? Are you comfortable in shoes, or sandals? Do you like your feet to be exposed to the air, or for it to be completely covered? A lot of people choose their footwear for the fit that it brings to their clothing, while some others do so because of a personal bias that they have for that particular footwear. And there are still other individuals that purchase particular footwear only because it is in vogue, or because their favourite celebrity was seen wearing it. In the end, the main fact is that every one of us wears particular footwear for reasons that are peculiar to each of us. But, that doesn’t mean that we are also diverse in our search for quality, and authenticity. Why? No one wants to purchase substandard products and have them fail when we are using them. As such, some people think that purchasing footwear personally is much better than buying one after you are only shown a virtual image of it. In the former case, you get to check out the footwear, and even determine its quality; while in the latter case, you would just have to trust the seller. However, there are lots of trustworthy footwear retailers online, one of which could be Combat Flip Flops.

    About Combat Flip Flops

    Co-founded by Donald Lee, Matthew Griffin, and Andy Sawrey; Combat Flip Flops is an online footwear store that retails flip flops, boots, and other clothing accessories. The founders of this company declared that the motive guiding the creation of this company was a humanitarian one, meant to fund women’s education in war-torn countries, create jobs, and effect other changes important changes around the world. Unlike what their name might suggest, Combat Flip Flops has stated that their products are in no way designed to take the strains from either running or fighting. You can take a look at the honest customer reviews of Combat Flip Flops here before considering using any of their products and services.

    I went online shopping @3am... (y’all made me do it)

    Products, and Services of Combat Flip Flops

    Combat Flip Flops stocks up on flip flops, boots, clothing for both men, and women, as well as clothing accessories like scarves, jewellery, and headwear. Made with proprietary rubber, military-grade nylon, and a variety of customizable patch options available; Combat Flip Flops has stated that their flip flops are good enough to maintain traction with any terrain. Their unisex clothing options include T-shirts, and hoodies; with tank tops being an exclusive for the ladies. Combat Flip Flops has also promised a lifetime warranty for all their products, although they also specified that these products would only be repaired, or replaced if the issue on the product is caused by a manufacturer defect.

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