Energy choice is a capability that consumers have which allows them to shop for the best energy supply rates. Instead of being stocked with an energy supplier, consumers can choose between companies that offer these products and services. Consumers benefit from increased competition because costs are lower. Consider it a tool in the consumer's toolbox for financing energy budgets. Are you interested in a special kind of energy? We made an overview of the most important ones, like green energy, electrical energy, cheap energy and gas. Or do you think you need to transfer to another energy provider? Transferring is not as easy as it seems and it often comes with a commitment for another lengthy period before you could change again. Are you looking for a cheap and affordable energy supply company? The cheapest one is not necessarily the best. Or do you want to find out which cheap energy companies have hidden costs and terrible customer service? Read real-life experiences, opinions, reviews and complaints from customers that went before you. If you have had experience with any company in this category, do well to drop your comments for other users to benefit.


Energy is the collective name for electricity, gas, solar and others and it is used to power some devices and sources of heat. Our lives are so much dependent on energy usage that without it we would not be able to live comfortably. Since energy is necessary for daily life, it is then expected that we have easy access to it and also be able to afford it. With the numerous energy suppliers in the market, we will need to choose where to get our energy supply from. Reading reviews, opinions and experiences really help you with choosing the right energy supplier for your personal situation. In this category, we shall look at the possibility of choice in the energy industry. We would also see the common categories that these companies have been divided into.
How Do Energy Companies Work?
In areas with deregulated markets, energy suppliers can offer a wide range of services and tariff options. This idea is likened to the way consumers would choose their long-distance phone carrier. Deregulation separates the production of energy from its distribution, allowing consumers to choose where they buy their electricity, gas and other green energy products from. If customers do not take the time to study available supplier prices, they will obtain their energy supply directly, but they will lose out on possible savings.
Does Everyone Have Access to Energy Choice?
Yes, but this happens in states where there is a deregulation of energy supply. When energy deregulation is established, more energy suppliers will enter the markets. This will result in even more competition and better choices for energy consumers. Residents in deregulated areas have more options in comparing energy companies. In areas with energy deregulation, utilities are still regulated by the Public Utilities Commission to ensure customers get safe, affordable, and reliable access to utility services.
Categories of Energy
This category has been divided into the following sub-categories. You will find information about companies that offer products and services relating to each one.

  • Green Energy- Green energy is any form of energy that is gotten from natural resources. They are energy sources that are not harmful to the environment and do not get depleted by using them. The major forms of energy in this category are Sun (solar energy), Wind and Water (hydro energy).

  • Electrical Energy- This category consists of energy companies that deal in electricity supply. To get the best tariff you must understand the different electricity suppliers and how they work.

  • Gas- Energy providers in this category supply gas to customers. The customers could be residents or businesses that use gas for their operations.

  • Cheap energy – This category covers the companies that offer cheap and affordable energy products and services. It is not just enough to get the needed energy supply, getting it at a rate that is within budget for you should be a better consideration to choose energy suppliers.

Sources of energy
There are two major sources of energy. They are categorized based on their long-time availability.
Non-renewable energy source
Energy generated from fossil energy sources is also called grey energy. They are non-renewable energy sources that can get depleted as a result of a long time or excessive usage. Natural gas is an example in this category.
Energy from renewable sources
Energy from renewable sources is often referred to as renewable energy or green energy. In comparison to grey energy from fossil energy sources, renewable energy sources cannot run out. This is because the sources of this type of energy can be renewed and thus include sources that can continue to generate energy. Renewable energy and green energy are simply better for the environment than grey energy. Some forms of renewable energy and green energy are solar energy and wind energy. Solar energy is generated by the beams of the sun, while wind energy is generated by using the hard wind.