Energy choice is a capability that consumers have which allows them to shop for the best energy supply rates. Instead of being stocked with an energy supplier, consumers can choose between companies that offer these products and services. Consumers benefit from increased competition because costs are lower. Consider it a tool in the consumer's toolbox for financing energy budgets. Are you interested in a special kind of energy? We made an overview of the most important ones, like green energy, electrical energy, cheap energy and gas. Or do you think you need to transfer to another energy provider? Transferring is not as easy as it seems and it often comes with a commitment for another lengthy period before you could change again. Are you looking for a cheap and affordable energy supply company? The cheapest one is not necessarily the best. Or do you want to find out which cheap energy companies have hidden costs and terrible customer service? Read real-life experiences, opinions, reviews and complaints from customers that went before you. If you have had experience with any company in this category, do well to drop your comments for other users to benefit.