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    The knowledge of electricity dates back to the mention in Egyptian and Greek manuscripts. Since then humans have strived to create various avenues of producing electricity either from hydropower plants, solar energy, and fossil fuels. Fossil fuel was and is currently used in most third-world countries as a source of light. Fossil fuels pose various environmental and human health hazards, forcing international bodies like the United Nations in their bid to limit the emission of greenhouse gases to advise a reduction in its usage. Solight is a company that boasts to be passionate about designing products that help make life sustainable, healthier, and accessible.

    About Solight
    As maintained on the Solight website, “the sun is an amazing thing, it products nine hundred and seventy trillion kilowatt-hours of energy each day”. That’s enough energy to give every single person on the planet a lightbulb that would shine bright for their entire lifetime. The organization claim humans have a crisis right now and they are tied to fossil fuels. Solight asserts it’s making people sick, making kids sick and it’s making the planet sick. They allege that in the rest of the world, there’s another toxic fossil fuel kerosene and when the sun goes down, 1.6 billion people live without access to electricity and rely on kerosene to light their night. They boast that they are passionate about designing beautiful products that help make choices to live a more sustainable, healthier lifestyle easier and accessible. Solight avows that their solar lights are the new personal devices, thoughtfully designed to provide individualized access to solar energy. The organization opines that humans don’t need to wait years for large, expensive, solar infrastructure to act. We opine you read honest customer reviews of Solight here before considering visiting their website.

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    Solight aver their products include QWNN solar lantern and mobile charger that is equipped with 5 settings – candle, low, medium, high & blinking, up to 40 hours of continuous light with an 8 – 10 hour charging time, easy pull open, no inflating by mouth nozzle required, easy to close & no deflating required, made from recyclable PET sailcloth with UV protection and PVC free, handles conveniently attached & hang, etc. Solar Puff LS solar lantern equipped with down to dusk light sensor mode, bright warm and warm white with 3 settings low, high and blinking, Velcro handle conveniently attaches and hangs, waterproof, etc. are also offered by the company. Helix solar lantern claimed to be Designed to be modern and sleek with an innovative twist open and close action and creates luminous light with a uniform, frosted glow and made from heavy-duty, rechargeable, and biodegradable TPU. They affirm That their twilight solar lantern is Ideal as a night light at home, for personal safety outdoors at night, as an essential source of light in a car or home emergency kits, and in any situation where a flashlight may be required.

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    Since you started using the solar lantern on sale at the company's shop, has it help reduce your reliance on fossil fuel? Having used their solar lantern and knowing the effects of fossil fuel on the environment would you recommend them to people? How would you rate their solar lanterns? Did you get the best experience of your investment after giving them a try? Do you have any compliments or complaints you wish to share? We would appreciate it if you make out time and provide us with your honest feedback in the comments section.

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