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    The mode and manner that businesses are being transacted today would appear like science fiction to an individual born in the previous century. Yet, we are alive right in an era where multi-billion dollars-worth of businesses are being conducted without the business transactors meeting physically, where a country can have employees in any continent of the world, where products can be purchased transborder and intercontinental, and where humongous amounts of financial transactions are being implemented online, without human interference or control, thanks to software and automated payment solutions. Indeed, in such a time as this, the individuals at the helms of affairs require a certain level of versatility with almost every platform through which his/her business(es) run, not only for monitoring or evaluation purposes (which are key) but also to ensure that such interfaces are efficient, effective and intuitive/responsive. The speed with which an email is read and replied to could be the difference between winning a multi-million-dollar contract, or not. However, just like in the physical offices, one might not be inclined to attend to non-urgent matters, it is also important that an individual can postpone digital meetings or emails without losing track of it. If you have ever had to search through the hazy threads of emails for a certain fuzzy detail, you will appreciate a tool that not only creates custom folders, but also archives, colour code emails according to the preference and meaning of the user, and helps to locate important emails and information at the shortest possible timeframe. The beauty of technological advancement is that newer solutions are constantly being designed to solve present realities effortlessly and within the shortest possible time. One of such tools is acclaimed to be the Mailbird.

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    Mailbird is a desktop email management solution compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 that was founded by Andrea Loubier. The company, which was established in 2012, avers to serve hundreds of thousands of customers across the globe, working seamlessly with email providers such as POP3, IMAP and Exchange while also being suitable for G-Suite customers and Outlook users. For independent customer reviews of Mailbird, we suggest you visit their comments section.

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    Mailbird allows users to manage their various email accounts from a unified and intuitive interface that distinguishing between personal and business emails. Mailbird also claims to integrate with popular business productivity, team collaboration and social media applications such as Asana for task management, WhatsApp and Slack for instant messaging, Trello and Google Hangouts for video calling and Dropbox for file sharing and synchronization, among several other productivity applications.

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