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    ou are never to old to learn something. And you’re never too old to transfer your knowledge by educating other people. But being in a classroom at the same time at the same place is not always possible. If you don’t have a classroom or other meeting place (or live far apart) a webinar can be useful. But you need some tools to make that possible. One of the companies that offers webinar services is ClickMeeting. But what can you expect from their website? How accessible will their online tools be? And will there be a customer service to help you when you can’t figure out how something works? These questions can best be answered by teachers that have already organised webinars via ClickMeeting before. Read their reviews to find out what they have to say about ClickMeeting. Their opinions, experiences and other comments can help you decide if ClickMeeting might provide a webinar solution that works for you.

    About ClickMeeting

    ClickMeeting is a company that offers tools for webinars. The company was founded in 2011. The website was founded in cooperation with GetResponse. In 2016, they spun off as a separate company. At ClickMeeting , they provide flexible, self-service webinar solutions. You can use these websinar tools to keep in touch with students from all over the world. You can just sit behind your computer and communicate with them without being in the same room. That way, you can educate, engage ad convert your students from a distance. ClickMeeting’s webinar tools include tools to create a presentation. But they also allow for voice interaction and even run polls. The voice interaction allows you some quick communication with your students. You can also share your scree and applications so you’ll be looking at the exact same thing. You can present a video or contact your audience via a chat option. In short, ClickMeeting allows you to create a whole webinar room in which you can communicate with your students and audience in an easy way. The tools can also be used for business video conferances.

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    You can join ClickMeeting via their website. You can choose between MyWebinars, MyWebinars Pro and Enterprise. They all offer rebranding tools and 4 video streams, but they differ on the number of presenters they allow and on how much recording hours or storage you have. Once you have created an account and subscribed to their services, you can access their website via your computer, but you can also download an app for your Apple iPhone or Android Smartphone. That way, you can make use of their tools, software and services whenever and wherever you want. And there is also a customer service that you can contact if you encounter any technical difficulties or other problems.

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    Do you have any experience with ClickMeeting? What do you think about this tool to create digital webinar rooms? What is your opinion on their product and services? Write a customer review and tell us what you think about ClickMeeting so other teachers will have some indication of how useful this tool will be for them.

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