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    The blueprint for all the cells, tissues, organs and organ systems in humans is encoded in the DNA. The DNA contains the genetic material that makes it possible for humans to reproduce and give birth to children that share genotypical and phenotypical characteristics and traits that are identical to both or a parent. These inherited traits do not only include height, skin complexion, eye colour, the shape of the ear, etc but also includes various genetic diseases such as diabetes, sickle cell anaemia and many more. Although most of these genetical diseases are inborn, some are as a result of lifestyle and environmental factors. To be able to determine if one has a genetic disease involves complex tests. Muhdo is a health company that boost to have test kits that give patients access to their core DNA health results.

    About Muhdo

    Muhdo is a company that boost to be at the forefront of direct to customer epigenetic science. That they use epigenetic techniques to understand and track how a person’s lifestyle and environment affect their genes. The company also claims its epigenetic science has helped them to use their advanced bioinformatics to accurately calculate a costumers exact age, to have experts that can recommend ways to improve health based on a patient’s result, that they can use one easy saliva sample to give a patient access to DNA health profile available helping patients to have control of their genetic life. Muhdo also claims to analyse patients’ saliva sample by using their custom technology where they look at 1000 genetic areas and provide over 300 DNA outcomes.

    Products and Services of Muhdo

    Muhdo offers customers products such as DNA Lite that is their gateway into a patients genetic health. It’s a test kit that gives patients access to their core DNA health results and understands how their body works with a DNA health profile that covers all the areas crucial to their genetic health. They also have Muhdo DNA Health profile that covers more ground than their DNA Lite kit that goes beyond core DNA results and looks at further health insights to help patients improve their everyday life. With Muhdo DNA health, patients can also have the ability to access the workout planner that’s aligned to their genetic makeup and a meal guide hyper-personalised to them with 100’s of recipes. They have also produced The Muhdo DNA Transform which they claim is the world’s first DNA analysis powered by epigenetic science. They use epigenetic analysis to determine a selection of reports for patients. Along with their on-call doctor services they also render services such as the delivery of prescriptions to patients door, unlimited access including on weekends, open referrals for onward care, translation services, etc.

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