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    Travelling and camping outdoors brings a whole lot different feeling of excitement. The expe is thrilling, especially if it’s the first time for you. Camping allows you to explore and enjoy nature at its peak, with the cool breeze of the environment and the natural ambience, it is a whole new experience especially when you are surrounded by loved ones. To camp outdoors, there is a need to get camp tents and other forms of accessories to set it up to have that full experience and iKamper, a South Korean company that retails camping tent claims to provide all that is required to have a smooth camping experience with its award-winning skycamps. Of course, we can't let you assume they have got you covered and so, we suggest you go through the honest and independent reviews of the previous customers of iKamper before making your purchase.

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    iKamper is a family-owned camp tent business that was established by Soon Park in the year 2012, in South Korea. Park initially left his country of South Korea to the US with his family in 2008 and for two years while he stayed in the country, Park and his family went on a road trip camping, exploring and discovering new things. Soon enough, when Park travelled back to his country he created the first skycamp, a rooftop camping tent in 2014. After the skycamp got much attention, Nathan Hendrix the managing director of iKamper joined the company in 2017 and together with Soon Park launched over a thousand skycamps which were shipped to about 46 countries. In 2019, iKamper opened its US branch in Seattle and 2020 started operating its warehouse in Kent in a bid to go globally. iKamper maintains that the company's focus is centred on quality and innovation. Reading honest customer reviews of iKamper here is one such way to ascertain this claim.

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    The skycamps of the iKamper company is said to be one of the major products of the rooftop tent industry. The skycamps are claimed to house a sleeping area for about 3 to 4 people and it is comfortable as well. The skycamps are also said to be packed and can be set up in less than a minute, so it does not take time or expertise. All designs of the skycamps are said to be made by the iKamper founder, Soon Park who is a self-taught engineer. Other products of iKamper include; shoe rack, bracket locks, awning and annexe. The company alleges to offer a return and refund policy on its products if not satisfactory to the customer.

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