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    Eyewear does not necessarily have to be geeky, or uncool. Gone are the days when wearing glasses were the major sign of being a bookworm. These days, as a result of the amount of screen time most humans have, a large percentage of people require glasses, and no, they are not all bookworms. How do you then maintain your coolness when wearing glasses, when there is the alternative of using contact lenses? The debate about which is best has been long in the offing, but ultimately, it depends on the individual. Glasses, for instance, can be annoying and uncomfortable, slipping down the ridge of the nose and therefore not suitable for some forms of active sports. One major advantage, however, is that glasses are a better choice in correcting the sights of a child, as the attention to detail needed for maintaining contact lenses might be unachievable and is an unrealistic expectation of a child. Also, eyeglasses are said to dependable in correcting the vision of both children and adults than contact lenses and are easily modifiable as the vision changes/improves. With glasses, you do not fear damaging your eyes when you fall asleep with the eyewear on – the worst that can happen is that you destroy the glasses. But most importantly, glasses have become a fashion statement, with different styles, trends and luxury products that nullifies the perceived ‘uncoolness’ thereof. Glasses Gallery is a company that claims to be the hub of stylish glasses products.

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    Glasses Gallery is a company that retails different categories of eyewear to the public through its online outlet. Glasses Gallery is headquartered in Dover, Delaware in the United States. The company claims that its products are sourced from over a hundred exclusive companies, providing several options for products for different age groups. Glasses Gallery boasts of a wide range of prescription and non-prescription glasses, unique lens packages and sunglasses for their customers. But do they have a good track record? How true are their claims? We suggest you read honest customer reviews of Glasses Gallery here to get suggestive answers to your questions.

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    The categories of glasses offered by Glasses Gallery include computer glasses, UV-protected glasses, sunglasses and polarized mirror sports glasses from different designers like Georgio Armani, Gotti, Guess, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Ray-Ban, etc. The company also offers an extensive array of lenses to meet the needs of its diverse customers, who are, of course, men, women and children of different ages. The lenses offered include sports lens, functional lens, prescription lens and other optical services. Glasses Gallery honours returns (and/or exchange) of products made within 14 days of delivery. Glasses Gallery also has a luxury aisle for exclusive eyewear products.

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    If you have obtained any product from Glasses Gallery in the past, or you have used any of its services for your eye care, we would like to hear from you. Did you find the company’s products up to your expectations? Do you have any reservations about any area of their services? If not, would you recommend the company and its products to family, friends and colleagues? Please leave honest feedback, as well as your experiences here for the company to determine ways to serve you and others better. Prospective customers would also benefit from the reviews you share.

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