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    Gloves are important accessories for people who are in the health and sports industry. For health, the use of gloves is compulsory to help prevent contamination of germs and bacteria, it is a safety caution in health. For sports and outdoor activities, it is much more than just a fashion, aside from being a safety caution, it also helps protect athletes from injuries. In boxing, for example, the glove is important because it protects the hands of the boxer from possible cut injuries from the opponent. Gloves are used in gyming too as it helps protect people working out from serious injuries, cuts and bruises as they work out. Weight lifters must also wear gloves because what they lift are heavyweight items, lifting them with bare hands can cause serious injuries to the lifter. Are you an athlete? Are you a gym instructor and do you need where you can buy quality gloves, FitsFour is one of them, you might check them out as they claim of producing cross-training gloves for fitness enthusiasts and hardcore athletes.

    About Fit Four
    Founded by Jonny Robbins who at the age of 28 found himself in serious dilemmas which made him have low self-esteem after losing so much in a business crash, picked himself up, and went into fitness and training to build his confidence and in this process discovered that athletes and all people working out need a functional glove to avoid their hands been crashed, this motivated him into glove production. Fit Four claims that they are the official glove producers for Spartan Race and allege that their products are purchased throughout the world by fitness and OCR athletes. Fit Four declares that they craft innovative purpose-specific hand protection for all types of sports enthusiasts and hardcore athletes. They allege that their gloves are dialled in, covering only those vital and sensitive parts. They further assert that their gloves which are patented are fashioned the only way clothes should be, easy on and easy off. FitsFour declares their gloves to be battle-tested and ready to carry their customers to victory. They claim to have a return policy where they refund their customers in full within 10 days of notice if they find themselves less happy than they should be with their products. Kindly read through the honest customer reviews of Fit Four here to see the real-life experience of people that have used the company’s products and also let us know if you have used their gloves to be able to validate these claims.

    Products and services of Fit Four
    Fit Four products include but are not limited to guard workout gloves, OCR Race gloves, Workout gloves, Gymnastics grips, lifting straps, Rowing and Yoga. The company also claims to offer delivery services, as well as send messages in the form of a newsletter to keep its clients and prospects abreast of their products and services for the best shopping experience.

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    Have you used Fit Four gloves before? how would you rate the functionality from the levels of 1-100%? Would you recommend their gloves to your friends and colleagues? Are their personnel attendants friendly and dedicated as claimed on their website? Did they deliver your order on time? Your feedback will benefit the company and help prospects make a well-informed decision.

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