Best ways to transfer money from Canada to the US

Best ways to transfer money from Canada to the US

Nowadays, the process of sending money from Canada internationally is simplified with all the e-services provided by the transfer apps and online transferring platforms. Instead of going to the bank and standing in time-consuming queues, consider electronic means of money transfers for your international transactions.

Instarem - a trustworthy app across the US

Instarem is a fast-growing, popular, and convenient to transfer money to and from the US with 1.54% of total fees. This licensed app is highly recommended by the experts and customers loved this app, overall rating of 8.3/10.

Sign up to Instarem:

1. Download Instarem App. It is available on both, the Google Store and the App Store.
2. Sign up by entering your details manually or using your Google or Facebook account.
3. Fill out the required personal information and provide the necessary documentation to complete the process.

Wise - an online money transferring platform

Wise, also known as ‘TransferWise’ is easy-to-use international money transferring app with transparent procedures and low fees i.e. 1.96%. This platform has an overall rating of 9.6 out of 10, given by the customers. It also offers a multi-currency facility to its users which makes it a widely used platform to transfer money traditionally.

Sign up to Wise:

1. Go to the website “Wise”.
2. Click “Register”.
3. Sign up by entering your details.
4. Fill out the required information and provide the necessary documentation.

Proof of verification is the requirement to start with your Wise account.

WorldRemit - best App for multi-currency purposes

WorldRemit offers a simple and convenient method to send money to more than 130 different countries. Most transactions take only a few minutes to complete, which is quick. A receiver with no bank account is offered by the cash pickups. The fees charged by this platform vary from region to region. This platform has an overall rating of 9.5 out of 10, given by the customers.

Sign up to WorldRemit:

1. Visit WorldRemit.
2. Fill out the application form provided by them to register.
3. Save and Create an account.

Important: Make sure the name you enter in your application form is the same as on your ID card. This step is important to make the verification process easier.

Things to consider when choosing a money transferring platform

To select the best money transferring platform, look for the cost and transparency which will help you with the cheapest transaction. The time taken to complete the transaction is also an important factor to look for as there can be emergency money transfers. It will be not a wise thing that it is taking up to 5 days to transfer money. Security, reliability, and convenience help to safeguard transactions, make intended transfers, and have several options for the sender to send the money.

Value-added services are always the top priority of the customers and they always make sure they are operating with a reliable and secure platform.

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