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    The eye forms part of the essential organs of the body owing to the function of sight it performs. However, due to its delicate nature, taking care of the eye can be a little challenging. Hence, over the years technological advancements and innovations, have led to the development and invention of eye care solutions as well as a variety of Eyewear aimed at enhancing the functionality and protection of the eye. Eyewears could be largely referred to as objects and accessories worn to protect the eye against harmful/unfavourable external conditions or to enhance one’s visual acuity. While most eyewear is made and worn to correct or ameliorate specific eye conditions, or to protect the eye from harmful conditions & objects, others are worn simply as luxurious accessories made to enhance one's style, elegance and confidence. Notable eyewear such as contact lenses, concave & convex lenses has become important eye care solutions, while others such as sunglasses and goggles are worn to protect the eye from sunrays, mists, snowballs, and other dangerous objects. In line with this, several brands have made it a priority to proffer eyewear aimed at meeting different functions. Spy Optic is an example of such a brand that offers an array of eyewear along with other similar accessories.

    About Spy Optic
    Spy Optic (SPY+) was created in 1994 in San Diego by action sports and motorsports enthusiasts: Mark Simo, Brian Simo, and Beaver Theodosakis. SPY+ asserts to hail from the intersection of cultures that define California youth. They claim the name SPY+ represents their role as agents of this culture and insists their cross icon and flagship orange are universal symbols of positivity and good vibes. They affirm themselves as purveyors of excellence in eyewear, with a pursuit of positive cultural evolution which is symbolized by how their products have a profound impact on how people see the world. They also boast of having a world-renowned Happy Lens Tech that is the only patented therapeutic lens on the market to not only enhance colour and contrast, but it is also scientifically tuned to boost mood and alertness; providing a visual experience.

    Product and services of Spy Optic
    Products categories offered by Spy Optic include Sunglasses (such as polarized sunglasses, safety sunglasses, sunglass cases, and sunglass replacement lenses). Eyeglasses (such as male & female eyeglasses, Spy Eyeglasses & Spy Prescription Glasses). Goggles (such as Snow Goggles, RX Snow Goggles, RXMX Goggles, snow replacement lenses, MX (Moto) Goggles, MX Replacement Lenses, MX Goggle Accessories, Snow Goggle technology) and GEARS (such as Headwear, Tees, Hoodies, Windbreaker, Goggle & Sunglass Cases, Misc Accessories and Helmets). Spy Optic equally offers a special collection of products encompassing a crypto collection, a signature series collection, a sunglass collection (including discord series, dirty Mo series, 50/50, SLAYco by Axell Hodges, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Asian Fit), and a special collection of Goggles (including; Artist + Brand Collabs, MX Checkers & Bolts, and a Trailblazer Collection). The company also claims to offer delivery services.

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